How do 9th graders feel about eating lunch in Jr. High?

This is the Junior High Cafeteria were the 9th graders eat their lunch.



I don’t mind eating in the junior high. It is easier on days when my classes are in the junior high before lunch. As long as I get to eat lunch with my friends it doesn’t matter.         Hannah Gentilo, Freshman            


I think it’s a little unfair because sometimes there is opportunities we miss out on because we have to stay in the junior high cafeteria.  Harley Cochran, Freshman           


I enjoy eating in the junior high cafeteria because I’m used to eating in there.    Mya Favata, Freshman                    


I think we should get to eat wherever we want. It’s not fair that we don’t have as much freedom as the other kids in the Senior High. We are responsible enough and should be able to eat wherever we want.   Audra Murgi, Freshman                 



I would prefer to eat in the Senior High, but I understand why we are separate from the rest of the school. It is probably best for spacing issues, and I do believe the current arrangement is best for keeping students from being overcrowded.          Allison Himler, Freshman


I don’t like it because I have to go to my locker in the senior high to get my lunch, and then have to come the whole way back to the Junior High!           Connor Pfulgh, Freshman


I don’t hate it, but I would rather eat lunch in the Senior High.           Sarah Mowery, Freshman


I don’t mind it because I still get to sit with my friends and I know the cafeteria better.        Autumn Pavlik, Freshman


I feel offended! I want to sit in the Senior High and feel apart of the senior high group.    Valentina Rossi, Freshman


I think eating lunch in the Junior High is fine, but I don’t like not being able to walk through certain hallways. It makes me late to class.      Lizzie Planinsek, Freshman


I feel that having lunch in the Junior High is better. It gives us more room and doesn’t crowd up the Senior High.      Alexandra Lukon, Freshman