Annie the Musical Impresses Audience


Alexandria Potter

Miss Hanigan (Layne Lazor) is shocked the sight of an orphan’s (Gabby Takitch) mouse!

Alexandria Potter, Features Editor

On the weekend of the 18th, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, students from Greater Latrobe High School put together a fantastic production of the musical Annie. The cast and crew dedicated huge amounts of their time to this show.

Seniors Layne Lazor, Paige Lesko, Reed Demangone, and Vanessa Clarke-Deaver, along with junior Tate McElhaney , and sophomores Drew Kaczmarkiwicz, Anna Soisson, and Mikee Kershaw exceeded expectations as leads in this year’s musical.

“Rising Star” Sofia Herr blew away the crowd with her solo in NYC with every note belted to perfection. The NYC kick line of Maddy Hantz, Taylor Gant, Lauren Stanley, Nina Modecki, Ryssa Ezykowsky, and Sarah Maglosky impressed me very much, and seemed very professional. Even the people in front of me started whispering words of fascination.

My favorite scene was NYC for sure because of all the people involved and all the different things going on. I’m sure it took a long time to learn perfectly, because of just how many pieces there were. The crew even had a major role in this scene because there were so many different spotlights, moving pieces, and audio changes.

This production went well beyond any other highschool performance I have seen. From the incredible singing to the intense acting, I have little to no complaints. Though many of the cast and crew may disagree with me, I truly believe Annie was far better than last year’s Titanic (which was also incredible).