Advice for High School Students

Highschool is a whole new experience. Everyone thinks they are the top dogs as you reach the 6th grade in elementary school, however, it doesn’t end there. Us students go from playing tag in recess to just smiling at each other in the hallways and you experience new things as you continue moving up. Everyone gets to watch each other grow then walk down the aisle in of their new future that we will be soloing in. Everyone watches each other change. Everyone else also gets to watch people do good in their life and bad in their life. Everyone also gets to experience mistakes themselves but it will all be worth it in the end, however, some people don’t realize how long being young lasts and takes advantage of their freedom in high school so, here’s a list of things to remember.


  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. You’re only hurting yourself. Do you truly want to stay up until 1 in the morning doing a project that you had a week to turn in? At least start on that assignment instead of scroll through Instagram.
  2. Don’t rush yourself either. It’s okay to get things done but if it’s stressing you out, take a break. Your mental health is important.
  3. Don’t feel like being trendy is more important than your grade. Chances are, no one will remember your cute sweatshirt you got from Hollister but one thing that will be remembered is the score you got on that exam. I’m sure your future professors will love your A more than the sweatshirt.
  4. Don’t worry about the highschool drama. If your friend or whoever that annoying student is bothering you, it’s best to cut them off. Use that time to aim for a successful future instead of being upset over something that won’t matter in 10 years.
  5. You’re not dumb for asking a question in class. Sometimes students have the same exact question. Teachers are here to teach you, not stand in front of the class to confuse students.
  6. Show up to school. Sometimes we have those day where we just want to sleep in, don’t care, and etc. but it’s all temporary so best to get it done and over with rather than lessen your chances of college just because you didn’t want to go to Pre-Calculus.
  7. Take every bonus opportunity. Raise that GPA instead of raise that number of likes on your facebook post!
  8. Don’t let your relationship interfere with your grade or social life. Yeah, he’s cute but a 4.0 on your transcript is cute too. Also, your friends will be there for you if you ever need to vent, never forget those who are there for you. Enjoy everything while it lasts.
  9. Don’t worry about prom too much. Why stress yourself over a expensive dress for one night when there’s an upcoming exam? I’m sure you’ll look just as cute with a smile of joy from passing a exam like you would dancing at prom.
  10. Don’t worry about how you look. Everyone is perfect in their own way, don’t let anyone make you think any different. Save that money you buy for makeup for your college tuition to find someone who knows your worth in your future.
  11. You’re still young. Don’t grow up too fast to catch someone’s attention. Catch some scouts attention instead!
  12. Get involved. High school is short. May as well make the most out of it while you can.
  13. Treat your teachers with respect. If you don’t like it when someone talks over you, don’t do it to them either. They are human too and at some point, they were a teenager just like the rest of us. So don’t think that whispering and giggling won’t hurt them either.
  14. If there’s a problem, don’t be afraid to report it. I repeat, mental health is important. The problem won’t go away if you ignore it. It’s easy to ignore but it’s not easy to be happy when you’re going through that. Everyone is here for you.
  15. Don’t stay up too late. That bronze star on Call of Duty was impressive, but your A on the final exam is way more impressive.
  16. Was that detention really worth it? Think about your actions before you act. Every action counts. Best to get respected by complimenting her hair rather than getting a detention for making her cry.
  17. Don’t skip school over a test you didn’t study for. It’s only hurting you, not the teacher. May as well come in early for help on that test because running away only makes it worse. Go forward.
  18. Try to make it on time. Was doing your makeup for an hour and getting starbucks worth that tardy on your attendance?
  19. Study as hard as you would want your future child to study. Aim high, you won’t achieve anything if you stay low.
  20. Never stress about fitting in and being “popular”. Your future job application won’t ask you how many likes you got on that cute instagram selfie, retweets on twitter, or how many friends you’ve had in high school.
  21. Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t hurt yourself over it, turn your mistakes into a life lesson because it’s never too late to change.
  22. If you’re failing, don’t ever think that it’s too late. Your parents and your peers did not watch you grow up just to see you fall. Get back up!


Highschool is more than just a building you have to show up to for a piece of paper. It determines your future, gives you a chance to show off your talent, lets you express yourself, meet new people, learn new things, gives you early life lessons, and so much more. Don’t take advantage of it. Make the most out of it while you can!