10/10 Challenge: Thrift Store Edition


Sydney Laidacker and Alli Himler

On Wednesday, September 18, Sydney Laidacker and Alli Himler were posed with a question; can a fashionable outfit be found at a thrift store? There’s only one way to find out! They decided to go to two different thrift stores – The Salvation Army and Good Will – to see who could make the better outfit. Just for fun, they decided to challenge themselves by setting a price limit of $10, and only had 10 minutes to shop!

Alli and Sydney pose in front of their corresponding thrift shop after a successful shopping spree.


Goodwill – 1025 Latrobe 30 Plaza suite 119


The Salvation Army – 3780 US 30


Sydney Laidacker looks for the perfect belt to accentuate her outfit.
Alli Himler contemplates the best possible shirt to choose to match the pants she picked.
Alli Himler looks intently through different styles, colors, and sizes of pants, trying to find an awesome base for her outfit.



Sydney Laidacker is finishing up her shopping spree by deciding which sunglasses will best complete her outfit.
Alli Himler and Sydney compare their receipts on the way home from the Goodwill. Time to try on some clothes!