Overly’s Country Christmas

Maura Rodgers, Staff Writer

The Christmas tree  talks, laughs, and sings, and the children who go to Overly’s love it.  Overly’s Country Christmas has been a holiday family tradition since 1956. It started out small at the home of Harry E. Overly, and became something extravagant that the people of Pennsylvania adore.


Many children can hop up on Santa’s lap and tell him what they would like for Christmas. Overly’s offers many different hands-on attractions.


To get around town, Overly’s has a special carriage ride just like the old days. This is wonderful, especially for those cold winter nights.


If you are one that does not like the cold, Overly’s has a trail that you can drive in to stay toasty warm, while still viewing the beautiful Christmas lights.


In the middle of the town,  a big community bonfire warms spectators up while drinking hot chocolate and spending time with friends.