“Annie” Aspirations and Auditions

Molly Bobik, Staff

Being that this year’s spring musical will be Annie, what part do you most want to get and why? What will you do to prepare for your audition?


“I am interested in the role of Mrs.Puhg. Why, you might ask. Because she’s nuts, hilarious, and loves potatoes. I will most likely lose my voice preparing, but it’ll be worth it if I get it.”

Kiersten Kennedy  Junior

“I would like to be Daddy Warbucks, because he appears to be an interesting character. I will try to memorize the audition music.”

Jeremy Zawelensky  Junior

“I would like to be a member of the ensemble this year.However, I still plan on trying my during auditions. I will practice the audition pieces with my sister to prepare for the audition.”

Ben Takitch  Sophomore

“I just want in the show. I will review the music and rewatch the show.”

Zack Buerger  Sophomore

“It doesn’t really matter if I get a part, as long as I can have fun and put on a great show with my friends.”

Nicole Kondrich  Sophomore

“Truthfully, I’d be elated to even be a part of the ensemble. I will definitely be studying the music in preparation for the upcoming auditions.

Emma Greathouse  Sophomore

“I want to play the drum set in the Pit Orchestra. I’ll probably look at the music the night before the audition.”

Ian Starr  Junior

“I’m doing it for the dog. But I do just want to be in the ensemble or have a small part. I’ll practice the music a lot.”

Nina Sarp  Junior

“I want to play trombone in the the pit orchestra. I will get the music ahead of time and practice heavily since there are 4 people trying out, but two openings.”

Tyler Simonovitch  Sophomore

“I would love to play an orphan. I will be practicing for my audition with my friends who are also auditioning, along with voice lessons.”

Keeley Thomas  Sophomore