Art Selection Voice Box

Maura Rodgers, Staff Writer

Find a piece of art in Greater Latrobe Senior High School that speaks to you. Describe how the perspective came to live in 2-3 sentences. Be sure to include artist and title of as as well as the year it was acquired.


Looking Good by Jerry McClure, 2015. “I like this because it shows that every individual in this school is a piece of art. That we are all unique, just like the artists. No two artists are the same which is exactly like people in the school.” -Halie Ferrenburg, Junior


“Vacation Flowers by Dorothy Metzger created in 1944 brought a new side to a bouquet of flowers. I view it as each flower is a different place and new experience. The different kind of colors set the mood and takes you to one of the four seasons.” -Anne Dalton, Junior


“Cafe Borgia is a painting about a little cafe on the side of a street and it is dark but still lit up with lights and people. It’s realistic yet abstract.” -Cayla Cosner, Junior


The Hitchhiker by William Deberhardi, 1994. “The picture showed different roads at night with a little bit of light.” -Bryce Bolish, Junior


I Dreamed of Stars by Stephanie Oplinger, 2014. “I like to look up at the sky when the night is clear. This reminds me of those nights.” -Noah Ankeny, Junior


“The End of Summer by Marjorie Laird shows me how little time we have when we have a lot of fun and how we grow older.” -Kolton Newhouse, Junior


Claustrophobia by Clayton F. Merrell created in 1998. “This piece of art shows possibility and free will. It has a big open blue space, but some chaos around it, and it shows how even in the chaos, there is still calm and possibility.” -Zoe Grasmick, Junior


Reflections by Kathleen Hicus, 2005. “It came to life in my opinion by simply saying that such simple things can bring so much perspective. It is a painting of some colorful, complex trees reflecting off the ice frozen over a lake. With the pink/purple sky in the back makes you feel relaxed and think peacefully.” -Ashley White, Junior


“Perhaps Forever by Anna Marie Schnur because it is a huge recognizable painting that seems to go on forever.” -Cameron Sonnie, Junior


“The piece that I chose was Dark Secrets by Becky Mormack. I feel that this brought out a different view because the boy and the dog are looking off into a more depressing distance. This piece was brought in by the student council in 2006.” -Eddie Zuzak, Junior


Penny Candy by Richard Newill, 2007. “This picture shows diversity, and I like candy.” -Travis Rhine, Junior


On the Rocks by Barbara Grimm, 2007. “The artist wanted to capture the beauty of nature by showing the texture of the elements. The water is calming since it seems to be flowing due to the techniques used.” -Bethany Havrilla, Junior


The Soldier’s Prayer – Earl B. Holdren. “The soldier’s face expression and wounds make you feel how the soldier felt and you see everything around him is pain and death as he kneels and prays.” -Kyilah Jones, Junior


“I chose Country Road by Gina Capozzi, 1980. The painting speaks to me because my grandmother and grandfather live in a country-like house that I love to be at. It also speaks to me because it is the type of house I would want to live in someday.” -Jacob Stump, Junior


White Rolls Royce- “I love the simplicity of this piece. The few choices of colors go together very well. There is a lot of unused space which gives a sense of relaxation.” -Rory Marquis, Junior  

Tigers Head by Tores, Oil on Canvas, 1977. “The attention to detail was amazing. The black background brought out the bright orange tiger and made it seem like it was popping out at you.” -Matthew Henderson, Junior