Top 10 Halloween Movies

Alexandria Potter

10 – Beetle Juice – A great movie for Halloween if you’re in the mood for a PG movie with some adult humor. It’s a great movie for any age. Upbeat and very funny compared to most Halloween movies.


9 –The Addams Family – Not very far on the side of horror, but that doesn’t mean it’s not creepy. Another upbeat Halloween movie that will satisfy your halloween-movie-watching needs.


8 – Friday the 13th – A classic series of horror movies involving some innocent strangers and a wild psychopath who always seems to catch the victims, no matter how fast they run or how slow he walks.


7- Halloween – The name is literally Halloween. Doesn’t get more Halloween-y than that. A top choice because of its scary and thrilling nature. The killer’s name is Michael Myers (which really isn’t a scary name, but whatever). It’s a serial killer/ innocent strangers movie as well, because who doesn’t want another movie about a psycho that can’t be killed?


6- Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock tried to make this scary, and at the time, I guess it might have been, but it’s on this list simply because it is so much fun to laugh at. It’s also a classic way up there with number 2.


5-  The 6th Sense – This timeless movie could really be watched at any time during the year, but it does revolve around the paranormal. A very easy plot to follow and the ending will make you rethink the entire movie!


4 – The Exorcist – Little girl. Demon. Exorcist. What could go wrong? How about everything.


3 – Nightmare Before Christmas – A wonderful movie for those who just can’t decide which holiday they want to celebrate. Best part of this movie is that you can watch it twice a year and not be out of season, and with the way the story is told, you will want to watch it more than once!


2 –The Shining – As classic as classic gets when it comes to horror. This movie will get you sitting on the edge of your seat (especially with the creepy little kid’s finger thing). Overall a very, very, creepy movie, or maybe it’s just the cast.


1 – It – Killer clown reaches number one due to its importance to pop culture lately. Red balloons everywhere, it would be hard to tell whether or not the clowns behind them are Pennywise or crazed fans. The Goonies meets Killjoy in this horrific, comical, emotional, thriller mystery.