You’ll ‘fall’ in love with the GLDC Fall Production

Paige Lesko

The Greater Latrobe Drama Club will be producing “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie this November directed by Kate Richards.

You are sure to ‘fall’ in love with the fall production this year. This murder mystery has encapsulated audiences since the 1950s and has been running ever since its debut in Great Britain.

The well-beloved classic is sure to positively impact the drama club’s show and provide the audience with an entertaining treat.

When asked to direct the fall production this year, director Miss Richards rose up to the task. With an impressive 11-years of directing shows, Richards could not have filled the shoes of previous director Mr. Krack better.

The drama club has performed many comedies and other genres in the past, but a mystery is mostly new territory for the cast. “It just caught my eye. I love murder mysteries and Agatha Christie is the best,” Richards said. Agatha Christie is world renowned for her playwriting and contributions to the literary world.

It is only fitting that The Greater Latrobe Drama Club take on one of the top grossing plays in history and continue its reputation by making it another success.

“I knew that our theater students would do a great job with it. It just seemed to fit.  The actors are doing a great job of portraying these characters,” Richards said.

In “The Mousetrap,” all guests arrive at Monkswell Manor, owned by Giles and Mollie Ralston. As the plot progresses, a murder occurs followed by enthusing chaos that all of the residents have to solve. “This show is your typical “who-done-it” mystery.

Eight characters lead you to believe that any one of them could be the murderer. They are all strangers who have their own story, yet they all are linked to the same murder,” Richards explained.

Senior Ryssa Ezykowsy, portraying the role of Mollie Ralston, has had an impressive 3-year career in the fall productions at Greater Latrobe and feels optimistic about the outcome of the show. “Being in the play for three years has really helped me grow as an actress. Being involved has really helped me grow as an actress.” Ezykowsky said.

The cast has a special quality that is unique to Greater Latrobe productions: the togetherness of a family. “The cast is so great! We all love working with each other and joking around when we’re not on stage. More importantly, we value each other and our close-knit bond,” said Ezykowsky.

The success of the drama club is no secret, for great results are reflected by great leadership. “It’s amazing working with Miss. Richards! She always helps the whole cast when we’re having issues really getting into scenes,” said Ezykowsky. The fall production is in good hands and is sure to be nothing less than a hit. Richards encourages anyone who loves a good mystery to attend a performance of “The Mousetrap.” “If you like mysteries, you’ll like The Mousetrap. The actors will keep you on your toes, and will certainly keep you guessing as to “who-done-it.” The cat highly encourages all to attend the 2017-2018 fall production of “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie.