Greater Latrobe Favors the LA Dodgers in the World Series

Molly Bobik, Staff

Do you think the LA Dodgers or the Houston Astros will win this year’s World Series? Why? How many games do you predict they will play?

“LA Dodgers because they have more pitching and all franchise players on their team. To add on, there is a lot of young talent like Seager and Bellinger. Dodgers will win in 6 games.”

Jake Bradish Sophomore

“LA Dodgers because they are better than the Houston Astros. They will go to game 5.”

Brendan Bugala Sophomore

“I think Houston Astros will win 4 games.”

Ronni Burns Junior

“Dodgers in 6 games.”

Mike Ross Junior

“LA Dodgers because they have has a pretty solid year. 5 games.”

Emily Rumon Junior

“LA Dodgers because they’ve basically dominated. Five games back use the Astros will put up a fight.”

Max McMichael Junior

“I think the LA Dodgers will win it in six games because they have the new rookie Cody Bellinger.”

Jennifer Pierce Sophomore

“I think the Dodgers will win the World Series because they have had good pitching through the playoffs and only lost one game. I predict it will take 6 games.”

Andrew Nagge Freshman

“Dodgers. They have had great pitching this season.”

Hunter Hoopergardener Freshman

“I think LA Dodgers will win because they have a great pitcher and they only lost one game.”

Andrew Fry Freshman