Why Aren’t the Men of Latrobe on Homecoming Court?

Maura Rodgers, Staff

Why doesn’t Latrobe have a Homecoming king? The answer is: we don’t know. It has been a tradition since Homecoming started. This is the question that had been recently traveling around, and we do not know the answer. Derry Area High School has kings and queens in honor of homecoming, why can’t Greater Latrobe? They have recently added freshman to the court due to student council votes. Mrs Houck said, “It has always been a tradition, we really don’t know why we don’t vote boys onto the homecoming court.”

    Homecoming queen votes are taking place this week, and next year let’s all make a difference and get the men of Greater Latrobe onto homecoming court!  

Two guys who I talked too who had asked me to keep their names classified, said that being on Homecoming court would not matter to them, they “don’t care.” Molly Krug said, “Homecoming court is basically the only thing girls have at Latrobe, so just let them have it.” It seems that boys on Homecoming court at Latrobe is not going to happen based on what Mrs. Houck said, “Student council recently had voted freshman onto the court last year, no one had the thought of boys going on to the court.”

Even though boys are on the courts at Derry, Hempfield, and Ligonier, it does not seem that Greater Latrobe is going to have Homecoming Kings unless Student Council comes up with an idea to vote the men of Latrobe onto the court.