Ed Sheeran Concert Review


Ed Sheeran, best known for his multiple radio hits and unique concerts, performed at Pittsburgh’s PPG Paints Arena, on September 26, 2017.  My sister and I decided at the last minute that it would be a fun experience to see Ed Sheeran for the third time.  

The arena was entirely sold out, not an empty seat in sight.  James Blunt, Ed Sheeran’s opener, was funny, and loud, and a fantastic singer.  He talked about his wife and child, and told jokes the whole time.  James Blunt also talked about how him and Ed go skiing together.  He said, “Ed teaches me how to write songs, and I teach him how to ski.”

Before his last song he announced that he would go somewhere to take pictures and autograph, before Ed performed.  My sister and I left our seats to find James.  We were able to find him, take a picture, and talk to him before the main performance.  James thanked my sister and I for supporting him, and wished us good luck in everything we do.

We made our way back to our seats just as Sheeran began his first song.  Ed Sheeran is known for performing every concert without a band.  It is only him, a guitar, a loop pedal, and a microphone on stage.  This setup creates a concert different than any other and allows his high personal level of music talent to be shared.  

Along with singing his radio hits, he sang songs from his previous albums, including one that he wrote when he was sixteen, “Cold Coffee”.  He told the crowd that he hasn’t performed this song in almost ten years, and he was worried he’d forget the lyrics.  

His choice of setlist and stage appearance always shows the audience how simple and humble Ed really is.  Every time I see him, his performance gets better and better, making for an awesome concert experience.