Butler Breaks Records

As of January 10, 2016 Austin Butler has broken three school records. He broke the Greater Latrobe’s total career points record set by Jeff Yunetz at 1,526 who graduated in 2009. Going into the Plum game, Austin only needed 13 points to break the record which has set him up to set a near unbreakable record with more than half of the season left.

Previously in the season, Austin set the record for most 3-pointers in a game with 11 total 3-pointers and set the record for most points in a single game with a total of 48 points.

Although a lot of the praise has been placed on his teammates, most notably Jake Biss, for good reason. Austin said,”Shoutout to Jake Biss, he’s the biggest factor by just constantly giving me the ball and finding me when I’m open. But I’ve got to thank my teammates the most because without them giving me the ball it wouldn’t be possible.”

Butler seemed relieved by finally breaking the record. He said,”I’m glad to have that weight off my back. Now I can just focus on the season.”

However, he doesn’t have a final amount of points in mind. Butler said,”I’ll get however many we need each game and score as many points as I can to help my team. I’m not going to force anything, I’m just going to play for my team and let them add up.”

Austin also has high hopes for this year’s group. He said,”The goal is WPIAL championship and we keep getting better and better as games go on, so that is pretty realistic. Beyond that, we want to be the team to go the furthest in Latrobe history in the State Championship and get past one win.”

With talent like Austin Butler, Jake Biss, and Reed Fenton, the season is looking great for the Cats at a current record of 10-2, only losing one game in Pennsylvania. All that help for Austin should add up to a monstrous career points record by the end of the year.