LIFE Chapter 4

LIFE Chapter 4

Chapter 4:


At the dinner table I told my family about the strange event that happened at school. “I’m telling you, whatever kidnaped that teacher today was not human at all!” I argued.

“Yeah right.”my dad said in a sarcastic voice. “It’s probably just a joke someone pulled off and that teacher played along with it.”

“Well then why did he not show up whenever the school really started to get nervous about where he was?” I argued back.

“Just watch. When school starts up tomorrow, he and the other student(s) are going to come forward and explain that it was all a joke.”

“What if it was something paranormal and it was an alien that actually kidnaped him so that the aliens can probe him and study everything that they need to learn about the human race?” my brother suggested.

My mom came in with the cooked chicken and placed it in the center of the table. “Stop talking about that stuff in front of your sister Ryan! You’re going to give her nightmares and she’s going to stay up for weeks and bug us the entire night!” I look to my sister and she bundled herself up in her arms and legs with a scared expression on her face.

“I don’t want any aliens to come and take me away from home mommy!”my sister shouted.

“No aliens or anything paranormal is EVER going to attack my family!” My dad yelled. “Even if they did exist, which they don’t, won’t ever have the guts to attack this family. If someone or something ever tries to pull something to get into this house with us inside will have to deal with these bad boys right here!”my dad holds up his fists and brags about them “These two bad boys have never lost a fight in their lives and they never will!”

“Ok everyone, no more talking about fighting or aliens or teachers missing. Just eat your dinner.” my mom said.


Before I went to bed I went over to my brother in his room down the hall from mine. “Hey Ryan, do you really believe that aliens took that teacher?” I asked in a serious voice.

“I honestly don’t know. Anything could have happened. Now I can’t have too much of an opinion though because I wasn’t at the high school today and you are one of the only people to see that tape.”

“I just have a bad feeling about tomorrow. I have a feeling that something big will happen tomorrow that will not only change this family, but will change the world’s perspective entirely. Ok well I should get to bed. Night Ryan.”

“Good night Devin.” I walk back to my room with an uneasy feeling inside me. Like something was trying to tell me “Watch your back” and “He’s coming”. I just ignore it and head to bed.


I looked out into the forest and saw smoke rising from the one of the buildings. I rush out there into complete darkness and hear little whispers coming from all around me as I ran by. I get to the cabin on fire and red and orange colors engulfed the whole building. The heat was so intense that I was being cooked alive. The smoke was so dark and thick that it was darker that the cold emptiness of the woods.

I hear the screams of the campers stuck in the cabin. The smoke starts to invade my lungs breaking through it like it was toothpicks.

“HELP! HELPS US!” The kids would scream. I was the only one that was there to help them and probably the only one who would ever hear these kids last few words. “HELP! WE CAN’T GET OUT! WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF OXYGEN!” I tried to scream hold on i’m coming, but nothing but spit came out of my mouth.

I rush up to the steps of the building and I could feel the water inside me start to boil. There was a piece of log that fell from the roof that blocked the only exit. I try to move it but it wouldn’t budge. I tried picking it up, kicking it, and using other wood to push it out of the way, but all attempts failed.

I was then finally able to speak “I’m going to try to get help ok kids! I WILL be right back!” I yelled.

I heard some of the kids respond “Hurry!” and “It’s going to collapse soon!” I rush my way back to the other camper’s cabins and the adults running the camp. I inform them of the situation and not even before I finished my sentence, they all booked it and ran as fast as they could to the burning building.

When we get back to the cabin, we find it in pieces all over the ground still burning like crazy. I could see almost all of the kids body’s lifeless on the ground as the fire eats away their flesh and bones like piranhas getting the taste of blood of a freshly wounded fish in the amazon.

The most of the adults pushed everyone back away from the fire and remains of the building. While a few got out their canteens and buckets of water and even a fire extinguisher and started to put out the fire. I broke out into tears and collapsed to my knees. I cried so much water out of me that I could have filled up multiple fire trucks and put out fires for days.

I cried so much that I could barely breathe anymore and with the thick smoke surrounding me, I passed out due to a lack of oxygen.


I gasped for breathe and sprung straight out of my bed. I cough and cough and cough. I reach for my inhaler on my nightstand and feel heat coming from that general area. I look and see fire spewing from that side of my room. The room was filled with thick black smoke. I realize that my house was on fire. I opened my bedroom door, but I got burned by the door knob.

I didn’t hear the smoke alarm go off, if fact I didn’t hear a single one go off. We had three of them in the house, one in the kitchen, one upstairs and one in the basement. I knew that they all had to have been fine because I switched out the batteries on them the previous week and checked to make sure that they worked and they all did. “Ryan! Allie!” I shouted trying to find my brother and sister’s room. “Mom! Dad!” I couldn’t see a thing around me. I took a step forward and felt the edge of the steps.

I slipped and fell down the steps hitting my collar bone, left leg, left shoulder, and finally hitting the ground head first. COUGH COUGH. “Help!” I squealed out. I start to use all of my strength left in me and crawl to the closest window. I sat up a little bit and opened up the window just enough for me to crawl out of.

I collapsed onto the grass outside the window and I look to the street and see three fire trucks flash their red lights upon my house. When they pulled up beside my house, two firemen dressed in their uniforms saw me laying in the grass and dashed to my rescue.

The last thing I remember is them picking me up. A moment of them pulling me in an ambulance and putting an oxygen mask on my face and a brief moment of seeing the doctors looking down at me while I was being pushed to the intensive care unit.