Boys basketball Dominates Latrobe at Kiski game


The boys basketball season opener final began on December 15 with the Latrobe Wildcats taking on the Kiski Cavaliers at Kiski.

In the first quarter Latrobe already putting the squeeze on kiski making the score 10-4 after a nice reverse layup by Jake Biss.

Right after the play by Biss, Markus Disinski gets a rebound and gets fouled, Latrobe’s ball. With three minutes left in the first quarter the Butler brothers finally get to play the same game they love together.

Back in action Austin gets the rebound from a shot missed and puts it back up with authority for the easy two points.

Latrobe leads Kiski 12-4. Bryce Butler is fouled and sent to the line to shoot two, he makes the first shot, but misses the second. Austin with the rebound and coming hard down the court to score, but gets denied on what should’ve been a foul, but Latrobe still has the ball. Austin gets fouled off of the inbound play and is sent to the line. He drains both of his shots to give Latrobe an even further lead against Kiski 15-4.

Jake Biss Lays another basket in to make the the end of the first quarters score 19-4 Latrobe.

The second quarter starts off with a bang. Jake Biss starts off the quarter with a jumper for two points.

Reed Fenton has an amazing play at both ends of the court, blocking a shot then taking it all the way down to score for two points making the score 23-6.

Austin stops their fastbreak attempt and steals the ball, he came down with a powerful jam continuing to dominate Kiski 25-6. A player on Kiski fouls Austin and sends him to the line.

Jake Biss, Reed Fenton, and Tony Aiello sub in for Latrobe. Austin hits one of his foul shots making the score 26-6. Markus Disinski Steals the ball and scores at the other end furthering Latrobe’s score.

Markus is then fouled and sent to the line for two, he drains both of his foul shots. On the next play Austin puts a missed shot back up for the two points. With one minute to go in the second quarter Austin picks up the steal and powers it home with a dunk to end the second quarter 38-14 Latrobe.

Austin starts off the quarter with a bang with a steal and a lay in, Latrobe is up 40-14. Kiski with a little bit of a roll, but Latrobe is still dominating the game 40-18. Latrobe breaks the four point drought with a back door lay in from Jason Armstrong. After the last play Latrobe takes the score and runs with it.

Jake Biss earns an assist on the alley-oop to Markus Disinski. On the next possession Austin is fouled with a chance to make it a three point play. He sinks the foul shot making the score 47-19. Jake Biss with the easy two points on the lay up.

Austin is sent to the line after rebounding Kiskis miss, he hits one of two foul shots. On the second foul shot miss Biss grabs the rebound and puts it back up for two.

Bryce Butler ends the third quarter with a backdoor lay up making the gap even bigger, 55-27 Latrobe.

With the start of  the last quarter in the game Latrobe puts all subs in to replace most of the starters.

Miriko Pandini had a nice post move to bank it off the glass for two. Bryce Butler draws a foul and gets sent to the line, he drains both shots with ease. With three minutes left in the last quarter Latrobe is up 61-33.

Shawley with the monster block on a kiski player trying to lay it in. The final scoring of the game is from Miriko Pandini making both of his free throws after being fouled.

The final score is 63-39 Latrobe. Austin almost scoring half of the points with 24, Jake Biss follows with 14 for the amazing game against Kiski.