LIFE Chapter 3

LIFE Chapter 3

Devin Watson, Author

Chapter 3:


RRRIIINNNGGG!!! As the bell to get to homeroom rang. All of the kids in the hallways started walking toward their classes. I shut my locker and looked in front of me down the hall and saw someone sitting on the floor covered in all black clothing with a black hoodie, black pants, black shoes, and black socks. He or she was sitting with their hoodie over their head and had their arms and legs tucked in so that no one could see his or her face.

But what made it even more weird is that this person didn’t make any sounds or talk. One of the guidance counselors walked by and noticed the kid on the ground. And walked over to him or her. “Hey are you ok?” the guidance counselor asked. “What’s the problem?”

RRRIIINNNGGG!!! “Oh man!” I yelled “I’m late for class!” I rush up the stairs and hurry to my class.

But right before I rushed up the stairs, I heard the guidance counselor say “Come on, let’s me take you to the nurse and we can talk about what’s bothering you.” But the creepiest part is that the kid never responded to anything. He or she just sat on the floor with his or her head buried in the knees and arms covering the top of the head. In my opinion, the kid looked like taller kid sitting down trying cover hide him or herself from the rest of the world.  

When I got to my class, I wondered who that student was. There was no one I knew of that seemed depressed or wears all black clothing like that. “Ok class.” my french teacher said. “Who can tell me all of the conjugated forms of etre?”

One of the kids raised, Emily, raised her hand then put it down and said “Je suis, Tu es, Il est, Elle est, on est, Nous sommes, Vous êtes, Ils sont, Elles sont.”

“Tres bien Emily!” my teacher shouted.

Later on in the period, someone over the loudspeaker came on the intercom. “Mr. Wetzel please report to the guidance office. Mr. Wetzel please come to the guidance office.” Then the intercom turned off.

“That’s the teacher that stopped to help that student.” I thought to myself. But he probably didn’t return to the office because he was probably still helping that student sitting in the hallway. The bell rang and I headed to my next class.

All throughout the day, the secretary would go over the intercom and call Mr. Wetzel to the office. At first I thought that they should stop bugging him if he’s trying to help a student, but as the day went on and his name kept on getting called, I got more concerned and suspicious.

At the end of the school day, I went to the office to check in with the office if they ever found Mr. Wetzel. “At the beginning of first period, he went to go to the bathroom, but never came back.” The secretary told me.

“Well I saw him before the bell rang.” I said.

“Where?” the secretary asked of the edge of her seat almost knocking down all of the papers at her desk.

“In the corridor near one of the bathrooms by my locker.” I then told her about everything that seemed off about the kid. And then told her that I left to get to class and haven’t seen them since.

“Well let me make a call to the nurse and see if he took the kids to the nurse.” The secretary said. She picked up the phone and pressed the dials to make the call. “Hey did Mr. Wetzel ever take a kid to your office? Ok. Got it. Thank you.” She hung up the phone. “She says that neither of them came to her office.”

“Why not try the security tapes?” I suggested.

“That’s a great idea. Just give me a second.”She started punching in numbers at her computer to find the security footage of that hallway. “Here we go. This is the footage.” I went around the desk to look at the computer.

In the footage, on the time at 9:00, we just saw an empty hallway. Then the footage skipped a minute and the person just appeared there. Sitting on the ground as I saw him/her. We fast forward to 9:15 and saw the morning rush of people come through the hallway, but no one noticed the kid sitting on the ground. At 9:17 all the other students left and I saw myself at my locker getting my stuff for my class. And for a split second, the kid looked directly at me, but the face was covered up with a halloween skeleton mask so we couldn’t identify the student.

It looked at me for a few seconds, then when I closed my locker, It put it’s head down again. Then at 9:18 I looked at the student and Mr. Wetzel walked up to the student. At 9:19 I rush up the stairs to get to my class and Mr. Wetzel tries to convince the kid to go with him to the nurse or the office. But at 9:20 the student just floats upward, not showing any sign of movement, it looked like something paranormal like on how a ghost would stand up. It had to be at least seven feet tall. “I know for a fact that there is no one that goes to this school and is that tall!” I shouted. “We have a few tall kids, but none of them are that tall!”

The kid turned its back to the camera, but we could see Mr.Wetzel’s face. He looked confused, but at the same time was scared.  The kid put his hand on his face and took off the mask. Mr.Wetzel’s face turned pale white and his lips quivered and you could see all of the terror trapped inside his face. Mr. Wetzel then fainted and fell to the ground. The kids put the mask back onto his face, reached down and picked up Mr. Wetzel and threw him over his shoulder. The kid turned to the camera. Looked directly into the camera. Then the camera went blurry with static and then it blacked out.

“This can’t be good at all.” I said in fear.

“I’m calling police. You had better get on the bus and head home Devin.”I leave the office and get on my school bus. The rest of the day I thought to myself, that is no person, there is something strange going on in the school and I needed to find out what it was before anyone else went missing, got hurt or worse.