LIFE Chapter 1

LIFE Chapter 1

“I don’t know how the hell any of you were able to make it this far?” There was a moment’s pause as the dark voice cleared his throat. “But I do know that this is where your journey end.” I could hear children all around me. But only seeing darkness. I could hear all of them bawling their eyes out, but not as loud as the creature talking to all of us. “Remove his bag.”

I could see a bright light in front of me, but could still see darkness around me. I look around and ten of the kids at the orphanage were sitting on their knees trying to hold back their tears with all of the strength in them, but couldn’t hold any of it in. Their emotions were too much for them. We were sitting in a small circle around an alien looking plate with writing on it in the middle of all of us.

I heard a voice behind me, And felt a hand on my shoulder. I turn my head and the hand was all black and had long, knife looking, fingers. The fingers had to be at least double the size of average fingers. “This wouldn’t have been as painful as it could have been if you all didn’t try to fight me. But you had to become a hero. Well let me tell you something.” The person with the clawed hand came around and kneeled in front of me.

He was a giant dark looking figured, almost how a shadow would look. No detail, just dark and faceless. He had to be at least seven feet tall. He held one of his claw fingers up to my throat. I pulled my head back, but he just puts it closer and closer to my throat. With his other clawed hand he grabs the top of my head and forces me to look at him. In a dark deep voice he says “Heros always fall. It just depends on the time.”

“Go to hell.” I said angrily. Then spat in his face. He stands up and walks over to one of the kids trying not to cry. The kid was a six year old girl named Ava. She had long golden hair. She was a sweet little girl who loved to make friends and help out whoever was in need.

“Is there something the matter sweetheart?” The shadowy creature asked politely. The little girl just kept on crying and didn’t answer. “Little girl. What exactly is the problem?” he asked again in a more frustrated voice. “Are you scared of me? Because if you’re not.” He kneels down in front of her and in a big deep voice, he threatened “I will make you fear me and everything else!!!”.

She then just bursted into tears. She couldn’t hold anymore kind of emotion left in her anymore. “Leave her alone! She didn’t do anything wrong!” someone shouted in the circle. I look and it was Taylor. A girl my age who also lives at the orphanage. She is the most helpful, friendly, and selflessness person I have ever known. She would defend anyone no matter what the situation looks like.

“I beg to differ.” The creature said. He reaches his long, knife fingered, hand into the air. “You all interfered with my plans and so you all will pay! Painfully and slowly!” He said with a evil grin. “Starting with this little girl!”

“No!” Some kids shouted while trying to hold back the tears.

“Don’t you do it!” Taylor screamed.

“Ava look out!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

The creature swiped his hand down on top of Ava striking her to the face. Everyone stopped. She fell to the floor with her face scratched up as blood started to come out of the cuts. I stopped struggling to get out of the rope I was tangled up in. Taylor’s face went blank. All of the other kids froze in terror and wept a little.

The creature turned to Taylor, and then me and said. “Heros always fall. Especially if they get in my way. THE RAKE!”