Vance Joy Performs at Stage AE


Ashley Beaken

Vance Joy performs at Stage AE, March 23 on his “Fire and the Flood” tour.

Ashley Beaken , Editor

At Stage AE, Wednesday, March 23 Vance Joy performed on his Fire and the Flood tour. Opening for him was Jamie Lawson, a British singer who was the first artist to be signed by Ed Sheeran’s new record label, Gingerbread Man Records. Lawson performed his singles “Wasn’t Expecting That” and “The Only Conclusion.” He recalled how great of a feeling it was to have his album I’m really over the moon reach number one on the Official Albums Chart in the UK, with Ed Sheeran coming in a close number two. Jamie talked about how proud he was of how far he has come since he first started writing music.

Vance Joy and his band, who came from Australia to perform on this tour, opened with their single “Mess is Mine.” He also talked about how he was able to be on this tour from previously being a guest star on Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour in the summer of 2015.

While performing his hit single “Riptide,” Vance looked out into the audience and smiled while saying “It’s the coolest thing looking out into the audience and seeing everyone singing along.”

He talked about how he got his inspiration for his songs, one in particular called “My Kind of Man” was inspired by his uncle’s facebook post about finding what you love and doing it.

Another one of his songs “Snaggletooth” was inspired by the singer, Sia. He found out while researching about her that she has a snaggletooth and after finding out what that is, he wrote a song about loving the parts of yourself that aren’t perfect and finding beauty in things that aren’t considered beautiful by society. Vance Joy ended his tour with his single “Fire and the Flood” as the audience all sung along.