The House is Full Again

Full House is back and better than ever!


Full House the ABC family sitcom made it’s big debut in the late 1980s and to this day families of all kinds make their way around the tv to watch.

After his wife died in a drinking and driving accident, single father, Danny Tanner, had to raise three daughters, D.J, the oldest, Stephanie, the middle child, and the youngest, Michelle. Once Danny realizes he  can’t do it all by himself, his best friend, a comedian, Joey Gladstone, and brother-in-law, musician, Jesse Katsopolis move in to help raise the three girls.

As time goes on, not only does Danny agree to get a family dog, Comet, but Jesse eventually gets married to Rebecca Donaldson and has a set of boy twins, Nicky and Alex. The house sure got full, but it doesn’t stop there.

On Friday February 26, 2016, the sequel “Fuller House” made it’s way on Netflix as for millions to continue their Full House obsession. The addicting show stars the oldest D.J, her best friend Kimmy Gibbler, sister Stephanie, with guest stars Danny, Joey, Jesse and Becky. Although little Michelle didn’t return for the first season, there is still hope that she will come back for the second season.

D.J, a veterinarian, recently lost her husband, a firefighter, in a fire and is now a single mother to her three boys, Jackson, Max, and Tommy. Stuck in a similar situation as Danny, he lets her and the boys stay with him to help out. But, Danny soon gets a job offer in Las Vegas, that requires him to move from his house in San Francisco, and D.J to move back to her house by herself. D.J gets overwhelmed and scared that she has to raise three kids with no help. So, Stephanie, Kimmy, and her daughter move in the house that they originally grew up in, on the hill in San Francisco California.

The “Fuller House” premiere includes many references to the original series The pilot includes both clips from that series and the reenactment. In the first couple episodes, the trend continues.

The second episode doesn’t include any “Full House” clips, but it mentions classic scene from the original series. The third episode doesn’t use clips or mentions any scenes, but it features a retelling of the plot of an old episode with several references such as Joey bringing along  his best puppet friend, Mr Woodchuck.

Fuller House not only shows how much everyone grew up in the past 20 years, but truly shows the viewers what family is all about. A family doesn’t necessarily mean a mom and a dad. A family can have three dads, such as Danny, Jesse, and Joey, or three moms such as D.J, Stephanie, and Kimmy.

Everywhere you look there is someone that cares, and surely someone who can make the house fuller.