Cardiothoracic Surgeon Inspires GL Anatomy Students


Alyssa Daniele, Photo Editor

Dr. Suzuki, a cardiothoracic surgeon working at Excela Health in Westmoreland county, came into anatomy classes February 11 in the CSC to speak with the students about medical school, and what daily life as a cardiothoracic surgeon is like. Suzuki’s arrival was conveniently just after the students completed their Golden Hour projects involving heart attacks and strokes
While talking to the students Suzuki repeatedly said, “Do what you love to do.” He emphasized that a medical field career won’t be easier and will take a long time, but if you really love it than it’s all worth it. “When I was in high school, I never thought I would go on to medical school, nor did I ever think I would be good at public speaking,” Suzuki said to anatomy students. But after taking an anatomy course in college he realized his passion and later attended George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C.
“He gave a lot of good insight to the medical field and what it would be like to have a career in the medical field,” said Michelle Kondrich, senior. Anatomy students found Suzuki’s talk with them to be very informative and gave them a peek into the medical world.
“He was also very passionate about what he does and encouraged us to pursue something we are passionate about as well,” said Kondrich. Many students found Suzuki’s talk very encouraging as he urged them to seek out whatever they were passionate about.
Suzuki also talked a lot about teamwork and how doctors must work together, each adding in different insight on a patient’s condition so that they can provide the best care for them. Mrs. LeVan, anatomy teacher, commented on the speaker. “I enjoyed having the opportunity to spend a few hours with Sr. Suzuki. He is funny and down to earth, and I loved hearing his insights. I especially appreciated how he spoke of the importance of teamwork. That even though he is the head of his team, he must listen and value every member of the team,” said LeVan.
Anatomy students learned a lot from Dr. Suzuki about heart surgery, paired with the knowledge they gained through their research on their Golden Hour Scholarship projects that Excela Health sponsors. Each student enrolled in anatomy and physiology was required to create a unique, interactive Golden Hour project. “I thought the projects were one of the best years ever. I have seen over 200 projects, and just when I think I have seen it all, two projects are created that have original ideas. Even though these two were the winners, I also had multiple other projects that were very well done,” said LeVan.
There were two winners from Greater Latrobe and other schools in the area that will relieve $100 and move on to the next round of competition where two grand prize winners out of every school will be picked to receive $1000. The winners from Greater Latrobe were Mckenna Martinosky, for her pop-up scrapbook, and Melanie Hook, for her heart attack pinball machine.