Tech Talk


Galaxy S7- retail price $655

The galaxy S7 the new advancement in phone technology. With the latest gear and newly integrated expandable memory the phone is top of the line. The new edge with perfect curvy design is great for sliding in and out of any pockets. Never again will you worry about having the phone near water, because now with the stock version it is already water resistant up to several feet. Along with its great features the phone can be ordered at many big name stores today. If one will be purchased through Verizon, not only do you get the phone, but Samsung’s version of their VR headset and a smart watch.

Q- What is better about this phone than the S6 series?
RJ Evancho- S7 is projected to have better battery life, much more storage capacity, and better shock resistance. Definitely worth the money they are asking for.

3D printers- retail price $200-2500 depending on make and model

Have you ever wanted to create a model of a car, plane, or something from your wild imagination. Today is the day where you can create anything from your imagination on a 3D printer. Using high grade plastic such as ABS, the printer can make anything you like from its program creating no residual waste in the end. The hottest item being made right now in classes are phone cases, miniature car, and disc like coasters. The price for a 3D printer will vary from make and model of various companies.

Q- Is the new 3D printers worth the money, just to be able to print small objects.
Frank Krakosh- They are definitely worth the money and will led to bigger and better 3D printers in the future. I’ve only created small figures, but still fun to watch

LG OLED flex screen- retail price N/A
Long have we been waiting for a truly flexible screen that could be interacted with. LG has accomplished just that and will be the newest integration into their phone line.The new flex screen will not only be able to give the flewx quality, but the resolution and coloring will be top line with its new perfect black and high resolution colors. The advantages of having a phone like, it won’t break as easily since it can flex when force is applied to any area. No longer can someone accidentally sit on your phone and break it. LG also hopes to get a 60in flex monitor out by 2017.

Q- what do you think of a phone that can be stretched
Conor Heath- The phone looks like a gimmick, I see that it could be useful, but not right now.
Gorilla’s invisible duct tape- retail price $7
For all the strength and durability that duct tape offers, it can be pretty ugly. No longer is that an issue with Gorilla’s newest product. The tape is a completely transparent duct tape that the adhesive will not yellow over time. Now easy mends of household products can be done, but never seen, such fixing a cabinet door.

Q: Being in stage crew does this tape really work and is it worth it?
Josh Clevenger- The tape seemed much more adhesive than duct tape and looked like a clear scotch tape. It worked very well for the musical with no mishaps. In all the tape is easily worth the money.

FFZERO1- retail price N/A
What do you think when being told of an electric car, most think of a slow car that looks less than great. Well now here is a car that tramples on all of those perceptions of an electric car. This speed demon has a 1,000 horsepower motor that is capable of going 0-60 in under 3 seconds, and having a top speed of 200 mph not such a slow/ ugly car now.

Q- What do you think in the electric car innovations?
Steve Kommer- I think that in this day in age that electric cars will be more prevalent. For example the car company Tesla specializes in luxury, electric driven vehicles which seem to be popular. Clearly the FFZero01 is a purpose built track car believed to have 1000 wheel horsepower, but the Tesla Model S P85D (The fastest of the Tesla line up) has around 700 wheel horsepower which can increase through system updates through Tesla and third party tuners. 700 horsepower is a similarly ludicrous number too, keep in mind that is a luxury sports sedan. I think that all in all electric cars have a market, and that every car has a purpose whether it’s a daily driver or a racecar, but in my opinion electric cars are still a little too new, and people really don’t know too much about them to have a solid opinion.