Ashley Beaken , Editor

You come home from school on Monday and throw your backpack into the corner of your room. You change into sweatpants and climb into bed. You’ll waste the rest of your night in bed watching Netflix until your mother calls you for dinner. You go downstairs and get your dinner and bring it back upstairs to your room, so that you can eat while you’re watching Netflix. You’ll probably stay up until 2 am watching Netflix even though you know you have to wake up early for school the next morning. The weekend comes and you’re already on season 4, episode 10 of Grey’s Anatomy even though you just started it.

Your friends invite you to hang out and do something. You tell them that you’re busy and maybe next weekend. You’re not really busy though, all you’re going to do all night is sit in bed and watch Netflix. You’ve literally watched every season of your favorite tv show on netflix and then started a new tv show and finished all that too. You’re running out of things to watch, which means you’ll actually have to get out of bed and find something to do. Well you don’t have to worry because this fall all new seasons of tv shows as well as new movies have been added onto Netflix.

Worst Year of My Life, Again, Season 1- Alex KIng, the main character, is convinced he had the worst year of his life. Imagine his disappointment when he woke up on his birthday and has to relive the whole year over again. From being bullied at school to humiliating himself in front of the most popular girl at school, he doesn’t want to relive any of this again. His two best friends try to convince him that this is a second chance to go back and have things go the right way

Chasing Life, Season 2- Young, aspiring journalist, April receives an opportunity to step up in her career and things are looking great in her personal life as well. She is starting a romance with a coworker when she unexpectedly discovers that she has cancer, she turns to her friends for support and with their help everything just might turn out alright.

Reasonable Doubt (2014)- A district attorney who was involved in a hit-and-run finds himself prosecuting the man who is accused for the crime. He manipulates the case to free the accused criminal, later discovering that this was a mistake and he actually freed a guilty man.

The Midnight Swim- After three girls’ mother dies from drowning in “Spirit Lake”, the girls go there to settle her affairs and find themselves drawn to the dark mystery of the lake.