Sarah Ziance Performs at Keynote Cafe

Ashley Beaken , Editor

Hanging out at the performance venue, The Keynote Cafe is what junior, Sarah Ziance’s weekends often consist of. The keynote cafe is located in Jeannette, Pa. Local artists and bands of all ages perform and anyone is welcome to go see the performers.

Sarah started going there a few months ago and now performs there often for the “under 21 acoustic showcases.” She performs with other bands and also by herself at times. She covers other bands’ and artists’ music as well as writing and performing her own.

She plays many different instruments such as the guitar, the ukulele, the piano, the saxophone, and the accordion.

“I love hanging out at the Keynote because it’s such a chill and laid-back place. You can pay $10 to see up to 5 different performers. It’s a really fun place to hangout at,” said Sarah.

On Saturday December 12th, she performed, covering multiple songs from different artists such as the band “Modest Mouse”, “Days N’ Daze”, and Regina Spektor.

“Sarah came in a few months ago and started performing. She’s not like other teenagers, she thinks differently than other people. She’s what a great artist looks like; she is going places,” said Jill Sorrels, the owner of the Keynote Cafe.
Sarah’s family is all very supportive of her and are always there to watch her perform.

“I love when people come and watch me perform, it’s really great to see that some people choose to come watch me over the weekend when there’s other things that they could be doing,” said Sarah.

Sarah does more than just hang out at the Keynote though, she goes to many concerts and is always supporting local musicians.

“I got a text from my friend the other day telling me to come to this address because this band was performing there. I went over there and got to see them perform and it was really sweet. They just got done with their tour so they had a bunch of extra t-shirts too. The person’s living room they performed in had a dog too, so it was all pretty cool,” said Sarah.

Sarah will be performing again on December 30th with a group of friends at Renton Firehall at 5pm, and on the 31st at the Keynote Cafe for the New Year’s Eve Party that starts at 6:30.