GLSD Annual 6th Grade Camp

Beginning in 1992, the Greater Latrobe School District’s 6th graders have been going on an annual two and a half day camping trip. Each elementary school goes in May to learn and experience the outdoors while working together.

The first camp used was Camp Soles, but GLSD moved to Heritage Reservation in Farmington, PA. BES went from May 13-15; LES from May 18-20; MVES from May 20-22. With a total of about 60 high schoolers, camp ran smoothly for Mrs. Boerio who took over organizing the camp from Mrs. Dawna Bates.

Students packed their bags and stayed away from mom and dad. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, students had the responsibility of setting and cleaning up the tables. The food was just like home cooked meals

Around 20 boys or 20 girls were placed in each of the cabins titled after Presidential last names such as Harrison or Washington. The 12 year olds slept in bunk beds and cots, and experienced shower taking that could last no longer than three minutes. About five  teachers slept upstairs in the cabins, and three high school counselors slept downstairs with the kids.

Second year counselor,  senior Tyler Mears was a counselor in the Washington cabin. “I loved it, the kids kept me up, but it was worth it getting to see how the kids looked up to you,” said Mears.

Junior and senior high school students, had special duties during the camp. Senior Fallon Morella worked at the tie-dying station.  “I really liked seeing the kids’ shirts after they untied it, because you never knew exactly how it was going to turn out.” said Morella. 6th graders proudly wear the colorful creations after camp.

Senior, Hannah Kennedy was in a teaching group, where she walked around with a group of students and assisted the teachers.“I loved being able to be around the same kids all day and get to know them and help teach and show them some of the activities that they never did before!” said Kennedy.

The preteens could partake in  fishing, archery, kayaking, hiking, rifle shooting, stream study. In the Copes Course students learned how to work together. In the small teaching groups, planks were turned into bridges so that each camper could cross safely “over lava.”

A few students looked forward to camp for so long because of the experience their siblings had. Daphne O’Hara’s younger brother, Danny, was excited to spend time with his sister there. “I liked shooting the rifle and the rope course. It was nice having my sister sit down and eat meals with me and my friends,” said Danny.

Daphne loved spending quality time with her brother, too. “I enjoyed playing kickball with my teaching group and kicking some 6th grader butts! And I’m glad Dan got to go, because it was a new experience for him. Embarrassing him was fun too!” joked Daphne.


“I enjoyed 6th grade camp because I got to spend time in the outdoors with my friends and sister. My favorite activity was kayaking and I’m trying to convince my mom to buy us one!” said Kolton Miller, brother of Kolony Miller.

6th grade camp is a memorable experience for the 6th and senior high school counselor alike.