Vinted: The Future of Clothes Shopping

Vinted: The Future of Clothes Shopping

Founded in 2008 by Justas Janauskas and Milda Mitkutė, Vinted was created for women to buy, swap, and sell gently used clothing. “It’s our mission to make preloved clothing the first choice,” stated on the website

“It’s a great interactive tool. You can make friends from across the nation while buying and selling cute clothes,” said senior Jenna Baughman. Jenna has been using the website for the past eight months. “I’ve made a lot of money off of clothes that I wasn’t wearing, and made a lot of friends in the girls I’ve bought from and sold to,” said Jenna.

Selling clothing works just like any consignment store. You upload photos of your clothing, write a description of the item, list the price and size, and then publish your item. The buyer pays for the item and shipping. Once the item is purchased, Vinted keeps 15% of the item’s cost in commission and the rest you can transfer straight into your bank account.

Swapping clothing however, can be risky. You and another Vinted member agree to send each other items. You can do this through the app or on your own. The problem with this method is that, if done outside of the app, there is no guarantee that the person you are swapping with will send the item they agreed to. There is a long process to report the member if this does happen, but even after that you still may not receive your item.

Originally a website, the company partnered up with Facebook in 2013 to create an app, making it easy to access anytime. The app is available in both the Apple and Android app stores.