Student Director Featured!


Carly Lubic, Junior

Carly Lubic, Junior, Student Director

Particular experiences, either in theater, life, or academic preparation

I would have to say practicing with theater did help me with becoming the student director. That’s because you have to know

the different places on the stage are called and what happens backstage. I actually helped backstage with Greensburg Opera’s “Fable Operas” preformed 6 years ago. I helped mostly with props, but I really enjoyed the experience.


I don’t think I ever disagreed with Mr. Krack. I think his choices for the play were great and the outcome of the production was great.

Contributed to this year’s production of Almost Maine

I helped with props. I also helped a little with changing lines for one of the scenes. Other than that, I just do my thing and help Mr. Krack.


If I could help direct any type of show, I would have to pick the musical “les Misérables”. It’s because it’s such a powerful musical, and I would like to work with more drama than comedy. I would also love to preform in it. The music is great, the story is wonderful, and the overall play is amazing!


I don’t plan on doing theater when I’m older. I actually plan on getting a Bachelors Degree in Science for Animation. I do enjoy working backstage with the director and actors. If somehow my plans for college don’t  go too well, I would probably go for stage management then. I can say theater is a hobby of mine. Before stage directing, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I actually want to be the one on stage acting. But as I was getting know the art of directing, it was fun. I think I had more fun than the actors!  I would definitely do this for future productions of Greater Latrobe and for me to learn more about the art of theater. Shout out to Mr. Krack for letting me do this and to the fall cast of Almost, Maine for doing an awesome job!