Almost, Maine, My Perspective


I remember the first feeling I got when I found out I made the play; it was a mixture of extreme excitement and tiny bits of trepidation creeping in. I tried out for the play on the whim, when my friend dragged me to auditions. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose if I try out? I didn’t take it very seriously, so it was a huge shock when I found out I made it.

Almost, Maine was my first play of hopefully many, and the experience was wonderful. I’ve been in two other musicals before, Alice in Wonderland and Thoroughly Modern Millie in the junior high, but I didn’t have any other acting experience. The cast might’ve been the best part; everyone was so welcoming and didn’t think anything of me not having any experience. They definitely made it more rewarding with all the encouragement and laughs. We all knew when and where it was the time to get serious and when it was time to let loose.


Mr. Krack was a fantastic director. He always directed in a natural and believable way, to ensure the audience got the most meaning out of each scene. He made the cast feel at ease and didn’t treat us like we weren’t as important as him. He really did look at us as equals most of the time, and that made me feel much more confidant in my performance.

Getting into character was not as hard as I thought it’d be. My partner, Alex Jabbour, and I just practiced being an old married couple; we screamed at each other, criticized each other, and pointed out imperfections. It was a really fun process, getting to explore my character. I looked to strong-headed mothers, including my own mother for inspiration. It was a great first time getting into character!

My first play experience is certainly not one I will forget. I won’t forget all the memories I’ve made during the practices and performances. I think it’s safe to say that this won’t be last play I’ll want to participate in!