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Our Biggest Blessing

ReBirth: Baby Angelo
Gracie Mahanes
Baby Angelo Harris

I lost my title of being the youngest and am okay with it. I am passing it to my handsome nephew/godchild, Angelo Joesph Harris. He was born on Tuesday, February 27 at 7:07 PM, he came out at 6lbs 7oz. He is the newest, but biggest blessing to our family. Angelo is already so spoiled with gifts, but more importantly love. 


I was asked to be Angelo’s godmother at the very beginning of my sister-in-law, Katie’s, pregnancy. I was honored. Knowing that my brother trusted me with such a responsibility made me feel important. Baby Angelo is so important to my family, because he is the first next generation of our family. 


My siblings and I are 13 and 15 years apart, so they are adults and I am a teenager, so when I was born by brothers were around the same age I am.  As well as all of my cousins who range from 27-33 years old. I have always felt left out because they all hang out during the weekend and do adult activities, but I am too young for all of that, so the age barrier sometimes stinks. 


To receive the opportunity to be Baby Angelo’s godmother and aunt is an honor that I will cherish forever. He makes me want to be a better person, so he can look up to me as someone he can come to for advice and support. I want to have the title of the cool aunt, but also someone who Angelo can come to when he needs guidance. 


For the longest time, my brother kept denying that he did not want to have kids yet, he thought “He was too young,” or “None of my friends have kids…”, but I knew Katie would get him to break. She kept asking and asking, and my mom and I kept begging. 


One summery, sunshine Saturday Katie and Brandon came over. I have known Katie since I was 7 years old, so growing up she always felt like a sister to me, so when my mom and I saw that Katie was acting suspicious. My mom remarked, “You’re acting strange? Are you pregnant?” As a joke, Katie said “Yes.”  We were left in awe. My mom and I jumped for joy.


During the whole pregnancy, we bought Angelo gifts, had a little gender reveal party, and celebrated. The gender reveal was a little clebration of just friends and family. We did not do anything major, since Brandon and Katie did not want to. My mom bought poppers filled with confetti, and when they popped blue came out of them. I was hoping for a girl, but a baby boy was just perfect.


On a rainy and gloomy Tuesday morning, my mom rushed into my room and told me the news that my sister-in-law, Katie, was in labor. I have been waiting patiently for that phrase for so long. I immediately got up, changed, and was out the door…


Waiting and waiting at the hospital for 11 hours left me very impatient. All my brain could think about was if he was healthy, how much he weighed, and if Katie was okay. I could not wait to see his features, how he felt in my arms, and if he was a calm or wild baby. My skin was itching because of the thought that any minute Brandon could walk out and announce that he was here. 


What kept me most on my feet was the fact that none of us knew his name or middle name. Katie and Brandon did not want to tell us the name they had chosen. They wanted to keep it a surprise to avoid criticism or input on the chosen name. While we were all waiting we kept trying to guess the name Noah! Lucas! Andrew! 


Angelo Joesph is the best gift of 2024! He is the sweetest, calmest, bundle of joy, he leaves us all fighting for turns to hold him. He is so little but is filled with light and new beginnings. I would not change waiting 11 hours to meet Angelo in a heartbeat. It made me love him more!



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About the Contributor
Gracie Mahanes
Gracie Mahanes, Staff Writer
 Gracie Mahanes is a junior at Greater Latrobe Senior High School. She is 17 years old and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. During fall/winter, Gracie plays for a club volleyball team called, Alliance, and enjoys playing with her best friend, Sage. She loves going to see movies, going to the gym after school, and shopping! This is her first year in journalism, but she has always been interested in writing and telling stories. Ever since she was little she has been writing stories and using her imagination. During her freshman year, she took broadcasting but, that only lasted for a whole school year. She wanted to use her writing skills and tell more stories instead of interviews. Gracie plans to focus on entertaining stories and girls' volleyball, but she is open to anything and would love to expand her boundaries. She has an interest in being a journalist and eventually plans on publishing her own books. After high school, she would love to attend Duquesne University and major in journalism and business. Gracie's big overall goal is to become a news anchor for a big-shot news program in New York. She is excited to be a new member of the Greater Latrobe High Post.

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