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Libraries enlighten the mind

Mrs. Mamaril’s vision for excellence comes to life in GLSH’s library.

The Library at Greater Latrobe is a place for students to create, learn, and grow.

The librarian, Mrs. Mamaril, directs several courses that meet in the library.  AP Capstone is a course broken into two one-year-long classes, AP seminar, taught by Dr. Bompiani, and AP research, taught by Mrs. Mamaril.  In the classes, students learn the skills necessary to select a topic to research for an entire school year, write a paper on it, and give a presentation.  “I think it’s beneficial to anyone looking to further their education, but especially those pursuing a science-based career,” said Mrs. Mamaril. “It can even help you with fine arts and medicine.”  The course helps students take charge, manage their time, and learn valuable research skills.  

As in any library, there’s a great deal of books available for students to check out and read whenever.  From graphic novels to audio books GLHS has it all.  Upon entering the library there’s a shelf that features new books.  Books are sorted by genre with different color-coded stickers on the spine.      

But, it can be quite a frustrating process to get books into the library.  “I have to find professional reviews for each book that show it would be a worthwhile addition to our library.  And of course, there’s paperwork,” said Mamaril.  Companies like Follett and Mackin sell to libraries.  “You can tell them how you want the catalog record to be organized or if you want barcode stickers, that sort of thing.”  Those companies will send the books with the information requested based on the library’s organizational system.      

  “Weeding” is a process librarians will do to get rid of unnecessary and outdated books.  “We discard library books when they are cluttering up our collection, or the information in them is outdated or irrelevant,” said Mrs. Mamaril  Getting rid of books doesn’t happen often, but it ensures the library is always up to date, and prevalent books can be easily found.  Different resources like Destiny, an online library management system, can show the last time a book was checked out.  As far as deciding what type of book to get,  Mrs. Mamril takes the students and teachers into account, because that is who the books are for.  “I’m serving the teens in our school who are at all different reading levels with varying interests.  I also am serving the teachers who assign projects on different topics.”  

In addition to about 14,000 books, the library also has a plethora of online resources, necessary for completing a research project of any kind.  Online resources such as databases, websites, and published journals are available through the library’s sites.  “Books aren’t out of date, it’s just a different format.  I think people like physical products, especially those who read for recreation.  But if you’re doing research, and if you’re taking notes digitally, it’s easier to have a print source to look off of,”  said Mamaril. 

As far as student opportunities, The makerspace is another great resource for students to take advantage of.  Students can find a 3-D printer, a laser engraver, a robotics kit, circuitry products, simple art supplies, and legos.  “Any student can use the makerspace, but for those looking to use the 3D printer or laser you have to take a training, parent permission form, and a test that you have to score 100% on.” 

Once you’re done with the training you can use the tools for school work or personal use. A makerspace club is available for students interested.  They meet during GL time and create various projects that help around the school, like a sign for the Cats’ Cafe.  With the machines and kits.  “Almost like everything in school, and life, you wish more people took advantage of it, but I do see a good amount of students coming in to use the makerspace, ” said Mrs. Mamril.  

The library is a great space for Greater Latrobe students to create, explore, and interact.  


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