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Pep Club Creates School Spirit

Ariana Climo
Pep Club Officers – Hanna Howard, Liz Kantoris, Zoey, Wilders, and Sophia Bisher

The Pep Club, advised by Mrs. Rachel Frye, is here to bring forth school spirit and inspire our sports teams to perform 110% of their best efforts. Hanna Howard, the club’s student leader, has stated, “Pep Club was created to bring school spirit to Greater Latrobe. We will hold fundraisers, games, and events to celebrate our school.” 

The Pep Club is in charge of many things, including the Pep Rally, raising money for charities, raising school spirit through bake sales and other festivities. Every year the Pep Rally chooses a charity to raise money and awareness for. Last year they raised  almost $3,000 for the Kidney Cancer Association, in honor of Mr. Ferraro. This year they are going to do this fundraiser again, however they are quite unsure about which charity they should donate to. 

During the week of homecoming, there will be a Battle of the Halls between all of the grades. The hallways will be decorated by the class officers and anyone who wants to volunteer. The hallways participating are upper C, lower C, upper S, and lower S.

12th grade: Upper S – Monsters, Inc.

Class officers: Belle Blossey, Ella Bulava, Sarah Hoffman, and Jacob Elliott

11th grade: Upper C – The Lorax

Class officers: Eric Bisignani, Chiara Mongelluzzo, Marie Patterson, and Robin Reilly

10th grade: Lower S – Finding Nemo

Class officers: Luke Tomko, Jack Sacriponte, Cameron Mikulsky, and Mitchell Horner

9th grade: Lower C – Coco

Class officers: Claire Benning, Ray Swiderski, Haley Marucco, and Gabriella Roman


Next week will be Spirit Week. All themes were chosen by the club’s officers. On Monday it will be Twin Day, Tuesday will be Barbie vs. Ken, Wednesday is Dress Like a Teacher, Thursday is Pajama Day, and finally Friday will be School Spirit. 

In addition to Spirit Week, there will also be a  Fall Pep Rally held on September 29  in the main gym from 1:30-2:40. They request that you will come with a positive attitude and school spirit ready for the big homecoming game. In addition to the Fall Pep Rally, the Pep Club will also be hosting a Corn Hole Tornament. On October 12, in the main gym,  the tournament will start at 3:15. There will be refreshments, cookies, possibly a pizza, and a giftcard to Chick-Fil-A for the winning team. Please keep in mind that there will be a $5 entry fee per person. Tickets will be sold during lunch, so bring your money if you’re interested. 

Pep Club is available to anyone in grades 9-12. If you have any questions, or you would like to join Pep Club, please feel free to talk to Mrs. Frye. To keep up to date with Pep Club, you can follow them on Instagram @gl_pepclub.

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