Amor, engaño y muerte, A Telenovela

In Spanish lll classes, the students were asked to make a project. There were many things we choose to do such as write a children’s book or make a music video. The most interesting one, in my opinion, was the telenovela. Telenovelas are Latin American soap operas. That means DRAMA DRAMA and more DRAMA. I’ve watched many telenovelas, and I knew I, along with my friends Tim Myers and Jack Dixon, could make it a great one. While it took a few slightly unorganized days to film and staying up until one in the morning to edit, it was all worth it. The project turned out exactly how we wanted it. With only three people in the group, we recruited another actor, Eder. He is from Mexico, and he works with my mom. He really helped add to the comedy and drama of our telenovela. Overall, it was a very fun experience, and who knows.. maybe there will be a part two!