A New Coach For Girls Lacrosse

For the Greater Latrobe Girls Lacrosse team, everything has changed. After losing five starters wh0 were seniors and head coach Kaytie Costic resigning to be able to spend more time with her family, the girls were looking for what comes next. Many questions circled around about who the next lacrosse coach would be, not knowing their coach was closer than they thought. 

It was announced this year that a teacher at Greater Latrobe that many know as Miss Votivich, would be taking over as the new head coach. Catherine Votivich was born in Alaska and with being the daughter of a military father, she moved a lot during her life. She lived in Hawaii where she played for her high school lacrosse career. Later she played her college years under the coaching of Jym Walters at Saint Vincent College as a defender. She then became a teacher at Latrobe in … and was ecstatic this year to get the job of coaching this team. 

“I always knew I wanted to coach. I had a really good experience in high school and I was really close with Coach Jym when I was in college. He set good examples as to what it meant to be a good coach and how to support players, and I wanted to do that with my own team one day,” said Votovich.

As some time has passed Coach V has been able to really connect with the girls and start to make this team her own. She continues to bring her own insight and knowledge of lacrosse to the team, and is helping to grow the program. 

 “I would like to continue to build on the foundation that’s been built by previous coaches. I’m only the 3rd head coach this team has ever had. t’s still a young team and program compared to other schools. I plan to keep building and I hope to leave my own mark on the team as I grow in this first year and more years to come,” said Coach V.

When a new coach comes in it’s always anticipated the way the team will connect. Already, the team has quickly fallen under the wing of Coach V and her ways of coaching. The way the team has connected and become a family adds to the love of coaching for Coach V. 

“The energy and vibes that the players bring and how they work together is the best. The girls having fun and having a good attitude makes getting to work and getting things done easier,” she said. 

This is only the beginning of a new and exciting season with much more to come in these months. A lot of hard work and dedication is put in by both the players and coaching staff in order to create a successful season. Goals are set and every week of practice and games is another step forward to reaching the goals. 

“We all have goals that revolve around winning or doing good but right now in the early stages of the season I’m looking forward to just growing the team, seeing skills improve, and promoting a positive team culture is really what I’m looking forward to doing right now.” 

 This season is moving quickly with the first home game Wednesday,  March 22, 2023 with varsity playing at 7:30. There are many things to look forward to in this upcoming season and to see what can be accomplished. Although the season has just started Coach V is already enjoying her time as the coach of this team of girls. 

“I’ve absolutely loved seeing everyone grow because everyone has unique skills so seeing those shine on the lacrosse field is an amazing feeling as a coach.”