Halie Nicholson is an Aspiring Artist

Creativity can change forms, from painting, to drawing, to sculpting, to making collages, to anything a person can think of to bring to life.  For senior Halie Nicholson creativity and art is her life since she can remember.  “I don’t think there was a specific age I just created art my entire life,” said Nicholson.   

Nicholson took multiple art classes throughout high school, starting in ninth grade with Ceramics 1.  Then in tenth grade she took Art Exploration and Ceramics 2.  Followed by taking Ceramics 3 and Human Figure as a junior.  As a senior she takes Ceramics 3 again, Art History, Studio Art 3, and Craft and Design.

She explores each medium that she enjoys creating.  “I like to experiment a lot, however I think I am strongest with drawing and creating sculptures,” Nicholson said.

She keeps trying new techniques and styles of art, trying to learn as much as she possibly can. She said, “I recently have been getting into mixed-media and including fabrics and yarn into my artwork.”  

Halie Nicholson

Last year her work was featured in the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) in Ligonier PA.  In order to have her portrait featured she had to be chosen.  Nicholson said, “Mrs. Page selected three students to feature their work during the student exhibition, when a variety of different aged students throughout districts nearby.”  Nicholson’s piece was a portrait that she made last year.  She said, “It was made from oil pastels and colored pencils and was in the exhibit for two months.”  The portrait defines the person’s facial expression by reflections of light being added around her face within the piece.  Nicholson expresses her abstract look by using bold blue hues along with vibrant shades when adding the reflections around the face. 

Nicholson’s creative style is very unique and depends upon her emotions.  She said, “I don’t necessarily have a specific style, however I lean towards expressionism style or abstract and very colorful.” 

Nicholson has also had her artwork featured in Green Beacon Gallery.  Which is a small DIY art gallery, music venue, and party space in downtown Greensburg, according to Nicholson.  Artists from surrounding high schools such as Derry, Greater Latrobe, and Hempfield were featured last year. 

Nicholson has many goals such as getting featured again in SAMA, finding somewhere that will feature her tapestry, and going to a college to earn a Fine Arts Degree.  She decided on a Fine Arts Degree because she wants to experiment with multiple mediums which are the art materials used in the piece.  “I want to learn as many different techniques as possible,” Nicholson said.

Halie Nicholson

Her dream college is Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  She said,  “It would be a lot better for my future if I went to a school that specializes in art because I could try more techniques and materials”.  However, she also has thought about going to the University of Vermont, but is leaning towards Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

She also looked into group activities and extracurriculars at the colleges.  She said,  “I started skiing when I was two years old.”  With skiing and outdoor activities being such a big part of her life she decided to become a ski instructor at Hidden Valley and Seven Springs Ski Resorts.  

Not only does she work as a ski instructor and an artist building her portfolio.  Nicholson said, “In the summertime I am a barista at The White Rabbit Cafe and Patisserie.”  The cafe is located in downtown Greensburg, which is dedicated to creating a whimsical atmosphere around their customers.  

Overall this aspiring artist is very busy and just like her art style trying everything she possibly can.  Art comes in many different forms, materials, and styles so she is hoping to learn as many as possible while earning her Fine Arts Degree.