Anthony Detore Advances with His Artistic Abilities


Arielle Teppert

Anthony Standing by His Favorite Painting “Mimi”

Ever since Anthony Detore has been able to pick up a writing utensil, he has been creating art. Even as a child, he realized the impact that art had on the soul and the people around him. “I’ve been making art for my entire life. I think art is really interesting. I remember when I was little I would admire the ability to be able to create things,” expressed Detore.


Not only does art inspire Anthony, but it is also calming and enjoyable for him. “I am able to release my stress and tensions by making art. I love trying new things and being able to express myself through my artwork,” explained Detore.


Through Anthony’s exploration of art, he has found his niche and favorite styles to create. Artwork does not have to be made just with paint and a canvas. There are many other styles that speak to young aspiring artists. “I like to make a lot of mixed media pieces where I am able to use paint but then also incorporate ideas of 3D and real-life objects. But then I also love digital because it is so versatile where you can do whatever you do in real life without limitations,” stated Detore.


When it comes to art appreciation, Anthony is always searching for new role models and inspiration. It is important to view others’ art so individuals can find their own style and personality. “I have a couple of digital artists that I really enjoy. I like ElizMill art and Elena Lander. Their art is unique and beautiful to look at,” voiced Detore.

Although Anthony is motivated by social media artists like ElizMill and Elena Lander, there are art teachers within Greater Latrobe Senior High School that have made a substantial impact on Anthony’s success. “Mrs. Page and Mrs. Balko are really able to push the limitations of the students and their abilities and bring out a whole new level of talent. They are able to help enhance the capabilities of student artists,” declared Detore.


Constantly receiving inspiration from teachers, the Greater Latrobe Art Collection puts him in a position for constant growth and admiration. Detore describes the art collection as “fascinating and captivating.” “I love it! I think it’s fantastic. Especially because we are 1 of 3 schools in the entire country to have an art collection. It is so unique and beautiful and I love it and appreciate it so

 much,” stated Detore.


With each piece in the art collection being handcrafted and made with purpose, one speaks specifically to Detore. Mimi, made by Ottmar F. Von Fueher, was acquired by Greater Latrobe Senior High School in 1944. The blonde, poised, woman sitting high above the auditorium doors resonates with Anthony. “Mimi is fascinating. I wrote so many stories about her for my Creative Writing class. It is my favorite painting in the entire school. It is the way she is so poised and proper, it is beautiful,” explained Detore.


As Anthony’s time in high school dwindles down, he already has big plans for the future. He plans on receiving his nursing certification and a degree in Spanish while working his way up to a doctorate degree. Anthony emphasizes the importance of being bilingual so he can fulfill his dream of becoming a traveling nurse. Although he plans to become a nurse, he has high hopes for continuing his artistic career throughout adulthood. “I don’t think I am ever going to not make art. I don’t think I will make a career out of it but it is possible. I would love for it to become something great. It’s relaxing for me and something I really enjoy,” voiced Detore.


Anthony’s determination and individuality will pave the way for his success. Although he chose to pick up the nursing scrubs, he will never put down the pencil. For you can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.