We Never Go Out of Style

Photo of Gabby used for her Fashion Feature

Arielle Teppert

Photo of Gabby used for her Fashion Feature

When it comes to fashion, everyone’s style is different. Depending on your culture, gender, or just how you’re feeling that day, styles vary. But, when it comes to teens in highschool, not much thought is behind the clothes they wear to school. 

Waking up as early as  6 o’clock in the morning is tough enough for kids. To throw picking out an outfit on top of that is added stress. But, every once in a while you´ll find kids who put extra thought into their outfits. Senior, Gabby Sukay, is part of the exception. Fellow classmates have voiced that they feel Gabby is one of the best dressed students. ¨Dressing nice is so important to me because it not only makes me feel put together and confident, but also brings out a sense of creativity and even joy when putting together an outfit,¨ Gabby said. How someone clothes themselves is sometimes their only way of expressing themselves. 

Teenagers who enjoy dressing more formally tend to have favorite brands. Gabby said, ¨Some of my favorite brands are Aerie, Lululemon, Abercrombie, Altard State, and Nike.¨ These brands are some of the most popular amongst this age group. Sukay shared that ¨… a modern type of look is what inspires my style¨ which is reflected in her favorite brands. These brands, although a bit pricey, can make for excellent outfits (This proven by Gabby herself). Her outfits caught the eye of the Broadcast and Media Director of the High Post, Arielle Teppert, for her Fashion Feature. Teppert shared Gabby´s outfit and where she acquired said outfit.

People have different brands they like, different aesthetics, and different ways of putting those two together. Clothing style is probably the most varied thing in a typical highschool, but also the most expressive. Bill Cunningham famously said, ¨Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.¨