Goal Cats

“Time is precious, waste it wisely.” ~ K. Bromberg

Time is something that is taken for granted and easily thrown away. Looking back on the past people often say “I wish I could go back to the good ole days” or ponder on what could have been done if time was used wisely. What people don’t realize is that there is a chance to really enjoy and relish the moments in the now. Instead kids and even adults are found satisfying their dopamine want by scrolling through thousands of videos, pictures, and media. Set down the device and pay attention to the present instead of wasting it looking at someone else enjoying their life. This way, when the present becomes the past, you’ll be able to relive those memories and experiences in your mind. 

It’s true, people don’t have a lot of time for homework or for working out. But in a lot of people’s cases, people don’t use the time they are given or don’t make attempts to take time to become a better person. In life, the use of time can differ in importance from person to person, but what should stay constant is the process of doing what needs to be done. Don’t wait because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and yesterday is over. The time is now, because in the end you’ll look back on your life and the ways in which you used your time. You’ll look back and say that you wish you had it back or you’ll look back and enjoy the memories and be proud of the life you’ve achieved.