Santa’s Workshop Elves Created

If You Were An Elf In Santa’s Workshop What Toy Would You Make, Create, Or Want And Why? 


Junior Max Deemer said, “ I would create a computer that is portable, but can also do things such as running games.  This is because usually gaming computers are heavy, or can’t be moved at all.”


Junior Brooks Conway said, “ I would make an RC car with an alarm clock attached to it.  It could be used to annoy people and wake them up.  I personally would use it to majorly mess with people.”


Sophomore Grace Stamm said, “High quality drawing kit so experienced drawers have more experience and beginners can have a better first time experience.”


Junior Gabbi Johnson said, “I would want a vending machine that makes and gives me whatever clothes I ask for.  Then I would never have to shop or search for clothes again.”


Junior Ally Gentilo said, “ A phone that never needs to be charged- why never have to worry about having a charger.” 


Senior Gianna Harray, “I would make stuffed animals because they make me happy.”


 Freshman Jasmine Falat, “A toy for dogs where they can pull things out of it.”