Christmas Wishes from the Student Body

Christmas is a holiday that is known for spending time with family, friends, and making memories to last a lifetime. It is important to be grateful for the people in your life, especially during the holiday season. Although it is a season of giving, it is also a season of receiving. The students of Greater Latrobe Senior High School have a few special requests for Christmas this year. The question prompted itself, what is one thing that you want for Christmas this year?


“I would love to adopt a senior cat for Christmas!”

Hadley Cooper, Senior


“One of the top items on my Christmas list is Barbie Dunks.”

Macie McHugh, Junior


“I just want everyone to be happy.”

Connor Lakin, Senior


“I am hoping to receive vinyl records!”

Emma Yurick, Junior


“One thing I want for Christmas is to visit my family in Florida.”

Mikayla McClain, Senior


“I really want some cold weather for Christmas this year.”

Robert Fulton, Senior


“I need some new gym clothes for Christmas this year.’

Shae O’Barto, Senior


“I want there to be happiness and the spread of kindness. A raise at Dino’s would be nice too.”

Dominick Caraini, Junior


“I would love a puppy for Christmas this year.”

Gianna Murray, Senior