Goal Cats

“When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.” ~Les Brown

Life is the heavyweight champion of knocking everyone down. There’s not a person in the history of the world that it hasn’t knocked down. But the ones who are great, the people that make a great impact on the world around them, are the ones that pick themselves back up. People are always going to want to watch you fail, fall, and lose because it makes them feel good about not being able to pick themselves back up and try again. You must be persistent and push back against life and what it throws at you, because at some point it will feel like it’s throwing everything. That’s why whenever you do get knocked over and beaten down over and over again, if you have that “why” in life, the right reasons to keep pushing forward, you’ll be able to get up. Life is all about the decisions a person makes but also how life is decided for them. Sometimes you’re just going to have to take the pain, and use that to inspire yourself to get back up to show other people that you can do it and inspire them that they can too. So in life whenever you’re at rock bottom laying on your back, the direction you’re facing is the only direction to move and that’s UP.