Get Your Head In The Game


    Week 8. Vs. McKeesport. @ Latrobe Memorial. It’s a big week for us Wildcats. Just clinching a playoff spot, and now it’s time for the game we have been waiting for all year. We have been talking about this team since last winter–McKeesport. With a full head of steam heading into this game coming off three wins [Trinity, 31-6; Ringgold, 42-0; Connellsville, 43-13] and getting a seat in the playoffs. Coach Prady loves beating these guys and tells us how awesome it is to take down a big name team like them. McKeesport is a chippy, fast, well-rounded team, and they have a lot of hype around their name. Their names don’t matter; Boerio, Lakin, Calabrace, Stevens, Flenniken– those are the names to remember. We’ve had a great week of practice and are ready to take it to them. My team has not one ounce of fear for them; to us they are just McKeesport, another beatable name on the schedule. Our scout team (jv guys) have done a great job all week preparing us for this big home game. I am ready and locked in. I want to prove what Latrobe football is about, determination. Determination to win this game and shock a lot of people. Considering we came up just short of our other big games. We need this one more than ever to prove ourselves. We are the baddest on the field at all times.