Cam Rohrer Helps His Aunt Battle Breast Cancer Using Strong Will Forged in Faith


Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Cam Rohrer lives by this Bible verse. Those words will don his lacrosse helmet all season as he takes the field for his senior year as the team’s goalie. 

Now, the verse has new meaning for him and his family due to his aunt’s breast cancer diagnosis.

“I wanted to relate to my faith that I have been able to grow. I wanted to have a verse that worked for me on the field and worked with my aunt while she’s battling treatment, so I thought Philippians 4:13 was a good one,” said Cam. 

Rohrer wants people to see the larger message of his fundraiser and believes tying it to his beliefs can do that.

He said, “That’s something that’s relatable on both ends, on the field and battling breast cancer, so I said let’s connect this with our faith and make something bigger than just giving back to the community. I thought that was the perfect idea because there’s certain things you can do, but there’s a much bigger picture to it. To be able to help my aunt, be able to share my faith, and spread goodness is something so important to me.”

Cam’s aunt, Robin Wanichko, was diagnosed with breast cancer in November. As lacrosse season neared, Cam sprung into action to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer and used his love of lacrosse as a backdrop. He launched a fundraiser, similar to a GoFundMe, through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in hopes of raising money for cancer research in his aunt’s name. 

Rohrer credits the HEADStrong Foundation as inspiration for his idea. The HEADStrong Foundation supports families battling cancer across the country. Cam wants his fundraiser to serve as a beacon of hope for people in the Latrobe community, especially his aunt, battling the effects of cancer everyday.

Cam wants to use his aunt’s story and their belief in Christ to motivate others to follow his lead. Alongside his brother, Mason, Cam leads as a captain on the lacrosse team. Cam believes that the fundraiser will show his teammates how to make an impact off the field as well as on the field.

“As Mason and I are captains of the team, we wanted to set the standard for everyone else. It’s more than just lacrosse. It’s about being a good person in the community. Being someone people can look up to,” Rohrer stated. “Everyone needs someone to lean on and I’m trying to be that leader and let them know I’m there for them. I think they get that, but it needs to be consistent. When I’m motivated they’re motivated, and we’re ready to go.”

Going in, the goal of Cam’s fundraiser was to raise $500 total and have the lacrosse team get 500 goals and saves to match every dollar raised. However, Cam made an Instagram post that blew up immediately. Within 24 hours, he raised $1,000 and the total now sits at $1,870. 

After the initial shock and amazement of its success, Cam set a new goal for the event. He has his sights set on raising $2,000 to $5,000. The lacrosse team will stay true to their goal at 500 saves and goals, which Cam acknowledges will be a tough, but doable task.

Cam said, “The lacrosse team goal is going to stay at trying to get 500 saves and goals. Even though we passed $500 raised, it’s still our goal as a team. 500 is a lofty number, but if your goal is too achievable then it’s not a goal.”

As part of the inspiring fundraiser, Cam tied his faith to the fight with cancer. This was apparent to him when his aunt told him something she was told after her breast cancer diagnosis.

“When my aunt first got cancer she was down in the dumps,” Cam stated. “A woman told her ‘cancer is a big C word, but there’s a bigger C word and that’s Christ, and you have to lean on him.’ That’s something that carried with me that you can take in life not just cancer. If you’re having a bad day, you can turn to Christ and ask for help.” 

Wanichko’s faith along with Cam’s has guided the battle with cancer to become something not to fear. Through the fundraiser, he wants to relay this message to everyone.

Rohrer said, “I put the verse in to really show people that it’s bigger than just a fundraiser. It’s to show people there’s good in the world. You just have to look at it that way. Things can suck sometimes, but it’s how you react to it that matters.” 

“My aunt’s been able to battle and the timing of the fundraiser was cool because she was starting her second treatment the next day, so that was perfect timing. I was able to lift her spirit. She says there’s always something that lets her know she’s not alone.”

To Cam, life is more than as it seems on the surface. His belief in Christ guides his life and gives him the confidence to lend his strength to others in need.

“I want people to be able to connect through this fundraiser to their faith. No matter how much you’re facing, you can always lean on God,” Cam stated.

When Cam picks his helmet up before every practice and game, he’ll see Philippians 4:13 reminding him of the strength Christ gives him and his aunt. He’ll tell himself, “cancer is a big C word, but there’s a bigger C word and that’s Christ,” just as his aunt was told. When he sees the pink note with his most cherished Bible verse on it, he’ll be taken back to the breast cancer fundraiser he started. The idea that has raised nearly $2,000 for his aunt and countless others battling cancer everyday. He’ll know that when he straps his helmet on, he’s playing for more than just himself or the Greater Latrobe Wildcats. He’s playing for everyone whose spirit he has lifted by connecting lacrosse, faith, and cancer.

To help the fight against breast cancer, use this link to donate to Cam’s fundraiser!

Cam Rohrer Breast Cancer Fundraiser