Seniors Reveal New Year’s Resolutions

 2022 is right around the corner and for many people this means creating a New Year’s resolution. Resolutions can range from working out, having a better diet, to even a better attitude. These resolutions usually mean bettering themselves for the upcoming year. 


     Garret Matey is a senior who plans to continue working hard at the gym. “My new year’s resolution is to cut my body weight down 40 pounds to start the year,” he says.  

     Garret knows he can accomplish this goal because he is dedicated to meeting his goal. “I know this goal is reachable because I go to Anytime Fitness for 4-10 hours a week and this has been something I have wanted to do for a long time,” said Garret. 

      As he prepares to graduate from Greater Latrobe this upcoming June, this resolution is important to get accomplished for his future goals. Garret plans to attend college for criminology and become a military reservist. The Reservists go to monthly training to refresh their military skills and deploy when needed;  Garret wants to be in pristine condition for when that day comes.

     Although this is Garret’s most ambitious resolution he has made in recent years, his past resolutions are still very important to him. These range from eating better, raising his grades, and holding himself to a higher standard than the year before.


     Noah Johnson is another senior looking to improve himself this upcoming 2022. Noah’s resolution is to spend more time with his family and friends before leaving college.

     “College brings on many new responsibilities and more work, and I hope to get closer with my family while I can before that starts,” he said. 

     Getting closer to family is a common resolution for seniors like Noah planning on attending college. Noah plans to attend Saint Vincent College for four years. Even though he plans to live at home and commute-only a short walk away- he knows his life will be evolving and growing. 

      “Some of my friends are moving away for college and we won’t be able to hang out as much as we do now,” he said. “I have friends going to Penn State, Pitt, and even West Virginia,” he adds.

Although Noah isn’t leaving home for college, his friends are, and this leaves just a short amount of time for them all to spend more time with each other before that day comes where they have to leave.