Vinny Kilkeary


Vinny Kilkeary-back at it again, went to Hersey at 113 pounds as a sophomore. Accomplishing even harder challenges, due to COVID-19 the  process to make it to the state championships  was a lot harder. They took fewer wrestlers . Kilkeary stepped up and managed to make it happen  


Kilkeary proceeds to say, “You never know if the match you are wrestling will be the last because they can cancel it again.[due to Covid]” 


“Corey Boerio, Nate Roth, and Jack Pletcher were all supposed to make it to states if it were any normal year; you can’t be that upset about more kids not making it if they were supposed to go,” said Coach Mears. 


Kilkeary is the only one that made states this year; last year another wrestler accompanied him, Gabe Willochell [D1, Edinboro University]. Kilkeary said, “Gabe was a great inspiration, it sucks to see him gone, but I’ll have Nate Roth coming up with me this year.” 


Kilkeary said,“My family, coaches, and teammates- Jack Pletcher- also inspire me to keep pushing and motivating me to be the best I can be.” He proceeded to say, “I like it, it definitely helps me out, makes me not want to quit and keep up the pace”


Kilkeary faced some very tough matches with his overall record being 56-10, three of those losses being from this year. After the losses, he doesn’t let it bother him and thinks of what he can do to make those mistakes better for the matches ahead. 


As he was on his way to Hersey he had many feelings and thoughts. “Obviously to try my best but to attack and keep pushing the opponents, my main goal is to succeed by coming out on top,” said Kilkeary. Being on top isn’t very hard of a task for him to pass, being only a sophomore he already made many triumphs by already being a state champ as a freshman. With that thought still in the back of his head, he doesn’t let it get to him and he continues to wrestle like it never happened. 


Kilkeary wrestled for his second time at the PIAA state championships. He ended up on the podium at 3rd place. 


During the off-season he plans on going to bigger tournaments and working out. Kilkeary plans on being at the very top in the seasons ahead. With these big goals Kilkeary can be the best if he follows his plans and continues to work. 


Next year, Coach Mears has big things planned for the new kids coming up. “Off-season wrestling is one of the best things we can do to stay fit. We would also continue to lift and work on our conditioning.” 


The strength for next year begins now.