Fabric Arts Students Fabricate Distinctive Pieces


Skyler Demalta finds her future agenda consisting of the daily use of art and design. As an aspiring art teacher, she has been actively preparing for this rule by taking several fine art and consumer sciences courses.

Greater Latrobe High School offers a wide variety of classes to fit the passion Skyler is seeking currently. While browsing the options her junior year, Demalta thought taking Fabric Arts her senior year would prepare her with the skills to fit the career goal she plans to achieve.

Fabric Arts is one of the courses taught at Greater Latrobe High School by family and consumer science instructor, Courtney Coss. The course focuses on the basics of fashion, clothing design, sewing machine usage, commercial pattern selection, fitting, and construction. Skyler gave some insight on her experience, “I took fabric arts because I heard it was a fun class and it is more of a self-paced environment.” Skyler was exhilarated to get the opportunity to work and learn with several different fabrics, transforming them into items within a few days. 

Skyer Demalta is an aspiring art teacher, so taking Fabric arts her senior year prepares her for the skills that come with that role. She will also take with her the qualities of independence and creativity that the course pushes you to achieve. 

Throughout the course, Skyler has constructed several items including napkins and pillows. She is now working on two individual projects that allow students to have free range in what they want to construct. “My favorite project has definitely been the individual projects. It really makes me think outside the box and I can do whatever I think will be useful or fun to make,” said Skyler.

When choosing a project out of full freedom, Pinterest and ideas from the internet are good examples to spark creativity. After long consideration, Skyler began to make a stuffed giraffe. “I wanted to make something that not everyone has done and it gives me free range to go beyond and apply my art interest.”

The individual project is based on creativity and the use of sewing skills taught throughout the beginning of the quarter. Skyler loves the opportunity to have a piece where you aren’t tied down to making a certain item. 

For the second individual project, Skyler decided to make a crop top out of a velvety fabric. The fabric consists of a soft, luxurious Blue that casts a unique soft and shiny appearance. Skyler added, “This definitely took the longest to make, because it was very tedious and challenging. There was a lot of preparing before I could sew but I am very proud of the outcome, so it was all worth it in the end.” The end product consists of a velvety blue crop top with features such as a tied back, two straps consisting of a bow-like tie appearing at the top of the shoulder, and a square neckline.