Expressing Yourself Through Your Clothes

Every morning, Alexis Coletti wakes up to do one of her favorite things, going through her closet to see which outfit she can put together to show off her bold sense of style. Her style is something that is unique which reflects who she is as a person. It’s something that people take notice of whenever they see her because her clothes catch people’s eyes with ease.

Coletti, a senior at Greater Latrobe High School, loves putting outfits together everyday and feels like she found her sense of style from her inspirations. “I get my fashion inspiration mostly from the internet. I’ll see someone make a Tik Tok or post an Instagram picture and I think to myself of how cool it looks and how I’m going to make an outfit like that. Probably one of my biggest inspirations for my outfits is Emma Chamberlain who is a popular influencer from YouTube ,” said Coletti.

Alexis likes to think outside the box and doesn’t usually shop at the mall or other department stores like some people. “I love to shop at thrift stores like Salvation Army or Goodwill. It’s a lot easier to find cute clothes there than some would think. I’m able to get more bang for my buck and shop sustainably. I also get a lot of my clothes from Target since I work there and their cute clothes catch my eye a lot,” said Coletti.

Alexis feels that fashion can help people find themselves and thinks that people shouldn’t be afraid to put themselves out there with the different varieties of styles in the world today. “For others, I would suggest wearing whatever makes you feel good, It’s such a generic phrase but today, more fashion styles are accepted than ever before. There’s such a huge variety of inspiration out there and you can quite literally dress in whatever makes you happy. Whatever your style is, definitely accessorize.An outfit just doesn’t feel complete without a cute belt, some jewelry, or fun socks, they really take an outfit to the next level,” Coletti said.  Some of Alexis’s favorite accessories include belts, earrings, and necklaces to add some sparkle to her style everyday.

Whenever Alexis gets to pick out her outfit for the day or for  going out, she gets ecstatic with  joy. “I like creating fun outfits because it makes me feel good. When I look good, I feel confident and happy! Wearing flattering outfits just makes me enjoy the day a little more. Also, fashion is like an adventure in my opinion. There are just so many interesting things to try that it just makes every day a little more fun,” Coletti said.

Colletti can be seen wearing bright colors and clothing items with neat designs on them that really catches people’s attention whenever they see her, especially in the morning on WCAT TV. Her sense of style may be bold, but it’s unique and that is something that’s important when it comes to finding your style.