Emily Vogt Taps Into Zodiac Sign

Emily Vogt Taps Into Zodiac Sign

Emily Vogt wakes up each morning, checks her CoStar to find her daily horoscope which will in turn determine the path of her day–what individuals she should surround herself with, who to avoid, what challenges she will face, and how she will overcome each day.  CoStar is an app that allows you to enter your gender, birth date, and time of birth to view your daily horoscope, compatibility with friends on the app, your strengths, struggles, and much more.  Astrology and zodiac signs have caught the attention of many teens and millennials, especially on social media platforms. Each of the 12 different zodiac signs can determine a lot about a person including their relationships, friendships, and compatibility between every person. 

Emily has tapped into her the depths of her zodiac sign, Scorpio, which she brings to life.  At first, she was intrigued by astrology and its application to every aspect of her life. Emily began learning about astrology about two years ago when a friend explained her November birth chart to her. Her kindred spirit explained how the natal chart gives insight into your life lessons, destiny, fate, personal traits, weaknesses, and desires based on the sky at the time you were born. 

According to astrology believers, every person has a sun, moon, and rising sign that differentiates based on the date of birth, gender, and time of birth.  “I definitely think the traits of sun, rising, and moon fit me very well,” Emily explained. 

The sun sign is simply based on the date of birth. November 7, 2002, make Emily’s sun sign a Scorpio. Female Scorpios are known to be ambitious, passionate, determined, aware of the situation, hardworking, and leadership qualities. Scorpios can also be jealous, ruthless, revengeful, and cunning. “Scorpio suns are very resilient and ambitious, as well as patient which I feel doesn’t really fit me. Scorpios are also sometimes seen as intense, which I don’t really see myself as,” Emily expressed. 


Emily’s moon sign as well as her rising sign is a Sagittarius. A person’s moon sign is how you behave and what qualities you possess when you are alone, by yourself in your element in your purest, most vulnerable form. The rising sign is how other people perceive you and how your personality can come off to other people.  

A Sagittarius is known to be wild, adventurous, fun-loving, sociable, and friendly, they are also not afraid to speak their mind and what they believe. “Sagittarius risings are known for their sense of humor, which I feel I have. I can connect with the majority of the traits though,” Emily explained. The traits Emily feels she connects with most are her easy-going nature as well as her optimism.

Emily expressed that her favorite sign and one that she always has a great experience with is a Capricorn. She explained that she gets along very well with them as they are easy-going and loyal spirits. “Looking into some of my friendships and relationships around me I can definitely see compatibility between zodiac signs being the reason I butt heads with some people but do not hold it against them,” Emily revealed. 

Above is Emily’s Birthchart, which according to astrologers explains the position of the planets in the sky at the date and time of birth. Each planet has a different effect on an aspect of life.

Zodiac signs and astrology just like everything else in this world is something some people feel very passionate about and believe in deeply, as some other people think it is made up and is not realistic or relevant. Emily has used her knowledge of zodiac signs, astrology, and horoscopes to open her horizons, eyes, and mind to the world around her and the relationships she has formed. If you believe in the study of astrology, check your zodiac sign compatibility, you may never know if you are compatible with Emily or not.