Growing Up As A Double


Renée Stimel, Haute Fuse

Lainie and Lorrie strike a pose, showing off their similar features.

When people see identical twins in public, they often think how interesting it is or have to do a double take to make sure they are seeing things correctly. What people may not realize is what it’s like to have a twin or what goes through their minds when people ask them about their lives. For instance, when someone asks if they can read each other’s minds or if it ever feels strange being a clone of someone else. For Lainie Osborne and Lorrie Bronson, it’s something that they have gotten used to over the years whether it’s being called the wrong name or being told that there is no difference between their looks.

Osborne, a Personal Care Assistant at Greater Latrobe Senior High, has had numerous memories over the years as a twin, but she remembers the ones that have made her the happiest. 

“My favorite memory is probably Christmas mornings because we would open gifts at the same exact time and we already knew it was the same gift just a different color, but we were excited to each have one of our own because our mom would buy two of everything,” Lainie said. 

Lorrie Bronson also remembers the greatest memories as a twin for her was opening presents, especially the memories where she and her sister would have birthday parties when they were of young age. “I would have to say having birthdays together are the best memories because it was a special occasion every year with our family gathering together, opening presents, and overall it was just really special to me because it was a time when we were still connected at the hip before we got older,” Lorrie said.

There are some typical stereotypes about twins such as acting the same way and having the same personality and people automatically think it applies to each one they meet, but they don’t understand that these stereotypes are just myths. “A lot of people don’t understand that we don’t all like the exact same things such as the same good or even the same clothes, that’s the biggest thing people think is the same between us, they’ll think that if I like something that my sister has to like it too but that’s totally opposite from the truth,” Lainie said. 

Lorrie also feels this way that some people just don’t comprehend that all the typical stereotypes are true and feels that twins are automatically just known as one person. “I feel that people don’t understand that sometimes you don’t have your own identity as one person and getting called by the other twin’s name can get annoying sometimes, and we’re also known as the twins and not as our own people,” Bronson said. 

Twins often don’t think what it would be like without one another because they’re automatically born with someone by their side and have an automatic friend from the start. “I actually don’t think my life would be that different because we have separate lives anyway. We live in different houses and have our own jobs and families. Actually,I would probably get called the right name more often,” Lainie said. 

Lorrie has also found it hard to think about her life if she didn’t have her sister because she has enjoyed having her as her partner in crime to go on adventures together such as going to the creek and catching tadpoles, making neighborhood friends, and even getting matching unexpected haircuts when they were in first grade. “It would be very lonely because you always grow up having a friend, I would never know what life would be like and it’s tough to imagine a different life for myself,” Lorrie said.

One of the biggest things that comes with being twin is always being asked if they have twin telepathy or if they believe in it. Twin telepathy is a theory that twins think and feel the same sometimes and can just read each other’s minds. While it is just a theory, there can be instances that it can sometimes exist. “I do believe in it because instincts and gut feelings of ours are the same sometimes because sometimes we’ll say them at the same time, and we also have the same thoughts too without even realizing it,” Lainie said. 

Lorrie also believes in the popular theory of twin telepathy and thinks it can be interesting sometimes to see it happen. “I believe in it because the rumors that go around are true. Sometimes we have the same emotions like when one another is sad or angry especially when it comes to dealing with stressful situations, or we’ll just have the same intuitional thoughts and it can get creepy to just see that we can even think alike like that,” Lorrie said. 

Lorrie and Lainie have had interesting lives because they are twin sisters and have quite some interesting experiences over the years. But, being a twin is something that they wouldn’t trade and is always an interesting topic to talk about when they meet new people. If you see these two in public, make sure you’re able to tell which one is which.