Grace Revitsky : 2021 Spring Softball Season


Waking up with the sun, in order to get a beneficial start to not only the day, but the season, is something that Grace Revitsky has turned into a routine. Even with school starting early in the morning, Grace makes time to go before in order to get a good workout in. This scholar athlete took initiative at the start of 2021 by signing up for a Planet Fitness membership. She pushes herself beyond limits to make sure she can get a great start to doing what she loves, which includes being a member of the Greater Latrobe girls softball team.

 Grace Revitsky said, “For this upcoming season we can’t get in the gym as a team and workout, so I thought getting a membership would be the best way to prepare and push myself.” Grace values the idea of staying in shape in the off season, so once the season arrives the team can hit the ground running. The off season ends after the season’s start with conditioning and open gyms in January, however, the dedicated team works year round. Her usual routine consists of doing a lot of full body workouts and vigorous running. The 2021 season is pushed back to February this year and Grace is hoping for the start of the season predicted to begin in March or April.

Playing tee ball at around age 4 or 5, she fell in love with the sport and decided to make it a regular part of her life. Grace then spent her time playing travel ball and little league before she aged out. She played first base most of the time, but she was always flexible to play outfield. Grace has made longlife teammates including being alongside Hannah Brewer, Natalie Rodgers, and Lauren Bisignani for her whole softball career. Grace’s dad was her coach for most of her travel season, which made her experience so important to her. She gained several memories that will stick with her beyond her career, including the bus rides to and from the games and when she stayed overnight in hotels at travel tournaments. 

Once Grace approached high school, her love for this sport is continued to be reinforced everyday thanks to her friends and family. Grace said, “I’ve stuck with it so long because I’ve met some of my best friends through softball and it was an unbreakable bond that we shared with each other.”

Enduring her senior year at Greater Latrobe High School, she is managing her priorities. Grace expressed, “My senior year is so important because I didn’t get to experience a full junior season and the team didn’t get to achieve the goals we had set for the 2020 season.” Grace is not only pushing herself for her team and her love for the sport, but also for the goal of achieving the chance to go to playoffs and even states. The Greater Latrobe girl’s softball team is comprised of 9 Seniors this year. Their “family-like” bond and dedication the team holds to make up for time lost due to the unfortunate events of covid-19 will make the 2021 softball season remarkable. 

Although softball has formed Revitsky’s life, she plans to use the discipline softball has instilled to work to achieve success in her future career. Grace plans to attend Seton Hill University, joining class of 2025, going on to study forensic science. She has done much this year to ensure her success, such as participating in Allied Health and several clinical rotations. Using her degree, She then plans to pursue her passion by going on to become heavily involved in criminal labs and crime scenes.