Caynin Mulroy : Next stop, Tulane


Moments after the sound of an envelope being torn open floods the room, butterflies surround your stomach as you’re skimming through the typed out font to approach the words “congratulations.” This is a feeling seniors all around the world are experiencing in these early months, as more and more college admissions letters are getting sent out. GLSD Senior, Canyin Mulroy, received an unexpected letter on Jan 2021 that will change her life forever.

Caynin Mulroy, a senior at Greater Latrobe Senior High School, has been on the search for her next destination. Caynin Mulroy is an astonishing student who has accomplished many achievements, including being a member of National Honor society. However, with the many career fields to choose from, Caynin isn’t certain on what she wants to major in. 

Caynin has, however, experienced many opportunities such as PFEW to explore several different job fields. Caynin stated, “PFEW was a tremendous experience and I loved the marketing and advertising parts of it. After looking into it more, I’m leaning towards business as my future career.” 

Caynin was first appealed to Tulane when she recognized they don’t make you declare a major until your sophomore year. This will allow her to get her basic courses out of the way and get exposed to more career opportunities before ultimately deciding what she wants to do in her future. However, that is not where the admiration for Tulane ended.

Tulane is a private university located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Two years ago, Caynin and her family went to New Orleans, where they booked a college visit just for fun while being in the area. Caynin stated, “I ended up liking Tulane, so while I was applying to colleges this year I decided to apply.” Tulane had additional advantages to applying, including the free application process and no requirement of SAT scores. 

Caynin said, “I applied just for fun, because I didn’t think I was going to get admitted. When I ended up getting in, I was so excited and shocked.” 

Tulane has a 17.3% acceptance rate as of 2019, which is a great attainment to get accepted. Caynin is a perfect example of what determination and continuation to accept opportunities can take you. Caynin not only found a university that contains everything she’s looking for in a college, but also where she can continue to accel and work towards her career goals. 

The advantages, including the financial aid that they offered, appeared to be an extreme benefit compared to some in-state schools here in PA. Caynin was particularly looking for a college that has good weather, in which she was delighted to know New Orleans offered. Being that Pennslavania is experiencing winter weather with an average high of 30 degrees, New Orleans is met with an average high of 70 degrees. Caynin additionally stated, “I’ll get to enjoy the culture of living in New Orleans, as well as the beautiful weather and food.” New Orleans is known for its “magical“ experience resulting from it’s widely spread culture seen in events such as Mardi Gras, annual festivals, and its creole cuisine.

Although Tulane became Caynin’s #1 choice, the college process did not end here. Caynin stated, “I had official tours of Coastal Carolina and Clemson. However, I also walked around West Virginia University, Slippery Rock, Pitt, and University of North Carolina Wilmington.” 

Although some appealed to her more than others, Caynin said the biggest factor of choosing the perfect college for her included the warm weather and scholarship opportunities. Caynin has committed to Tulane class of 2025, where she is excited to take advantage of all New Orleans has to offer.