Student Leaders of Chick-fil-a Academy Make a Difference in December


Do Good December is a club wide event in Chick-fil-A Leader Academy. In order to help the spread of goodwill, everyone involved in the leader academy begins by selecting one thing they can do to help out someone or a charity. These selections can include anything including service projects, paying for the person in front of you at a drive through, donating clothing, or simply paying it forward.

Senior Lily Keslar began her contribution in October, when she applied to Chick-fil-A Leader Academy. Regularly, the members of the leader academy attended meetings during lunch and learn to establish service projects and other events in order to help the community. 

Lily Keslar, Julia Battaglia, and Saige Roth decided to go through their closets and give items that they currently weren’t wearing to people who may need them. Bringing the clothes to Salvation Army, they were able to donate them to people who need them and at a reasonable price.

Lily Keslar stated, “I think Do Good December is very important, because in times like this everyone is struggling in different ways.” Do Good December may be encouraged through community service clubs, however, it is not limited. Anyone who observes others making a difference may be inspired to make a difference themselves. It’s never too late to start bringing a smile to someone’s face and a simple task is all it takes, as demonstrated by the members of Chick-fil-A Leader Academy. Lily pointed out, “It’s crucial to put some good back into the world and the littlest things can make such a large difference.” 

Thus, no matter what you do, someone will benefit from your kindness. Chick-fil-A Leader Academy is one of the many community service organizations offered at GLSD to help give back to the community around us. However, Key Club and Interact Club are additional clubs that can be joined at any time and are great ways to help change someone’s world. 

Thus, throughout Lily’s participation in Do Good December, she has learned that doing something good for someone doesn’t have to be something huge, but the outcome will be.